Spring’s Week 9 Results & Week 10 Picks

EaglesWeek 9 Results

Time for football! And I’m late posting my picks.

So last week I didn’t so badly. Not as well as Week 8, but still I finished Week with a 76% win ratio for the week and a 62% win ratio for the season.

My surprise was that Miami was able to defeat Cincinnati. That was a good game to watch. New Orleans losing, that wasn’t a good game to watch and my heart hurt for Drew Brees. My personal opinion, which isn’t worth much, his receivers let him down in that game.

So here’s how my week 9 went:

Week 9
THU, OCT 31 Spring’s Pick Result Game Results
Cincinnati at Miami  Cincinnati   L 20 – 22
Kansas City at Buffalo  Kansas City W 23 – 13
San Diego at Washington  Washington W 24 – 30
Atlanta at Carolina  Carolina W 10 – 34
Minnesota at Dallas  Dallas W 23 – 27
Tennessee at St. Louis  Tennessee W 28 – 21
New Orleans at NY Jets  New Orleans L 20 – 26
Tampa Bay at Seattle  Seattle W 24 – 27
Philadelphia at Oakland  Philadelphia W 49 – 20
Pittsburgh at New England  New England W 31 – 55
Baltimore at Cleveland  Baltimore W 18 – 24
Indianapolis at Houston  Indianapolis W 27 – 24
Chicago at Green Bay  Green Bay L  27 – 20
·Bye: Denver, Detroit, NY Giants, Arizona, San Francisco, Jacksonville
   wins / games x 100 = % 76% – Results: W = 10 / L = 3 of 13
62% – Season: W = 83 / L = 50 of 133
Results: W = 0 / L = 0 of 13
Season: W = 0 / L = 0 of 133


Week 10 Picks

On to this week. I posted my pick for Thursday night before kick off. I truly didn’t think my Skins would pull it off, but as I said Thursday, I’m a loyal fan and I picked them to win. They didn’t.

So let’s see how the rest of the weekend goes. I don’t think Green Bay is going to pull it off without Rodgers. Not that backup Seneca Wallace isn’t good. He wouldn’t be the backup if he couldn’t do the job. But there’s more to that position than throwing the ball. It’s going to take time for the entire team to make the adjustment from Rodgers to Wallace. Thus I’m picking the Prince’s favorite team, the Eagles.

Since I’m late posting here’s this weeks picks.

Week 10
THU, NOV 7 Spring’s Pick
Washington at Minnesota  Washington
Seattle at Atlanta Seattle
Detroit at Chicago Chicago
Philadelphia at Green Bay Philadelphia
Jacksonville at Tennessee Tennessee
St. Louis at Indianapolis Indianapolis
Oakland at NY Giants NY Giants
Buffalo at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Cincinnati at Baltimore Cincinnati
Carolina at San Francisco San Francisco
Denver at San Diego Denver
Houston at Arizona Arizona
Dallas at New Orleans New Orleans
Miami at Tampa Bay Miami
·Bye: Cleveland, Kansas City, New England, NY Jets

In full disclosure, I had to update my post for a mistake. I picked Denver not San Diego. So I updated that line at 3:45pm est.

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