Spring’s Week 4 Resutls & Week 5 Picks

redskins2Season Week 4 Results

Not a bad week for me. 9 out of 15 games, that’s 60% for the week. Not bad. I must admit I made some long reaching picks. I gave the edge to St. Louis because they were at home and they failed miserably. Cleveland really stepped it up on Sunday to win the honor of Ohio over Cincinnati. I’m still surprised about that one.

Houston losing to Seattle at home was another one that surprised me. At home, the Texans should have ruled that game. That or Seattle is a lot better than they’re being given credit for. Which really might be the case.

And I must admit I don’t mind losing the pick in Oakland. I was have a really bad feeling about my Skins this year, but they finally decided it was time to play some football! Yes!!

So here’s how my week 4 went:

Week 4


Spring’s Pick


Game Results
San Francisco at St. Louis St. Louis L 35 – 11
Baltimore at Buffalo Baltimore L 20 – 23
Cincinnati at Cleveland Cincinnati L 6 – 17
Chicago at Detroit Detroit W 32 – 40
NY Giants at Kansas City Kansas City W 7 – 31
Pittsburgh at Minnesota Minnesota W 27 – 34
Arizona at Tampa Bay Arizona W 13 – 10
Indianapolis at Jacksonville Indianapolis W 37 – 3
Seattle at Houston Houston L 23 – 20
NY Jets at Tennessee Tennessee W 13 – 38
Philadelphia at Denver Denver W 20 – 52
Dallas at San Diego Dallas L 21 – 30
Washington at Oakland Oakland L 24 – 14
New England at Atlanta New England W 30 – 23
Miami at New Orleans New Orleans W 17 – 38
·Bye: Green Bay, Carolina
60% – Results: W = 9 / L = 6 of 15
57% – Season: W = 36 / L = 27 of 63

Week 5 Picks

Onto Week 5! Let’s see how we do this week. My first “I’m not sure pick” is in Chicago. Playing at home they have a good chance against New Orleans. But I think the Saints will keep their winning streak alive and go 5 – 0. Baltimore and Miami is the next game I’m not sure about. But I’m giving the edge to Miami, again because they’re playing at home.  Does anyone know what is happening to the NY Giants? Are they having serious questions of confidence? I don’t think they’re going to find it this weekend, so I’m giving that game to the little Prince’s Eagles.

Kansas City and Tennessee I think is going to be a good game. And I think they maybe evenly matched. But loyalty pushes the Titans to the win. Can’t give up on my #2 team! Then there’s Seattle and Indianapolis. I’m tellin’ ya, the Seahawks are the real thing this year. I think they’ll take the Colts down (sorry Tony Stewart).

So here are my picks for Week 5.

Week 5
THU, OCT 3 Spring’s Pick
Buffalo at Cleveland Buffalo
New Orleans at Chicago New Orleans
New England at Cincinnati New England
Jacksonville at St. Louis St. Louis
Baltimore at Miami Miami
Philadelphia at NY Giants Philadelphia
Detroit at Green Bay Green Bay
Kansas City at Tennessee Tennessee
Seattle at Indianapolis Seattle
Carolina at Arizona Arizona
Denver at Dallas Denver
San Diego at Oakland San Diego
Houston at San Francisco San Francisco
NY Jets at Atlanta Atlanta
·Bye: Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay,Washington


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