Spring’s Week 2 Results & Next Picks

Titans2013-14 Season Week 2 Results

Well I had a much better week in week 2! I went from a 32% win ratio in week 1 to 69%. Yeah!!

So I lost 5 of the weeks 16 games. Carolina didn’t win my wild card pick, but come on, that was a long shot to begin with. So I’m not feeling too bad about that.

I am thrilled with Seattle’s performance over San Francisco though. Which brings up the weather. Wow!

The dangerous lightning in Tampa Bay was matched by the dangerous lightning in Seattle. Not to mention the rain delay and rain interruption in Chicago for the Nascar race. It sure made Sunday a very long day! 

The Nascar race was delayed by about 1.5 hours, they got in 100 laps and rain brought out the red flag for 5 hours and change. It finally ended after mid-night. We thought that was it for us, until we realized the 49ers were still fighting in Seattle with the Seahawks. That lasted till about 2am eastern time. But I called that game right. Yeah me!

So here’s how I finished Week 2:

Week 2
THU, SEP 12 Spring’s Pick Result
NY Jets at New England  New England W
St. Louis at Atlanta  Atlanta W
Carolina at Buffalo  Carolina L
Minnesota at Chicago  Chicago W
Washington at Green Bay  Green Bay W
Miami at Indianapolis  Indianapolis L
Dallas at Kansas City  Kansas City W
Cleveland at Baltimore  Baltimore W
Tennessee at Houston  Houston W
San Diego at Philadelphia  Philadelphia L
Detroit at Arizona  Detroit L
New Orleans at Tampa Bay  NewOrleans W
Jacksonville at Oakland  Oakland W
Denver at NY Giants  NY Giants L
San Francisco at Seattle  Seattle W
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati  Cincinnati W
69% –  Results: W = 11 / L = 5 of 16
50% – Season: W = 16 / L = 14 of 32

2013-14 Season Week 3 Picks

And here’s the next picks. Even though they’re playing at home I don’t think my son’s Eagles are going to pull out a win against Kansas City. Green Bay and Cincinnati is my wild card game. I think the Browns are going to surprise some folks this season and I think Green Bay is missing something so far this year. The Evil dude thinks Chicago is going to the SuperBowl this year. So hopefully that means my pick against the Steelers will play out.

So here’s my picks a few days early for Week 3.

Week 3
THU, SEP 19 Spring’s Pick
Kansas City at Philadelphia Kansas City
Green Bay at Cincinnati Cincinnati
St. Louis at Dallas Dallas
San Diego at Tennessee Tennessee
Cleveland at Minnesota Minnesota
Tampa Bay at New England New England
Arizona at New Orleans New Orleans
Detroit at Washington Washington
NY Giants at Carolina NY Giants
Houston at Baltimore Houston
Atlanta at Miami Atlanta
Buffalo at NY Jets Buffalo
Indianapolis at San Francisco San Francisco
Jacksonville at Seattle Seattle
Chicago at Pittsburgh Chicago
Oakland at Denver Denver

The little Prince is showing some interest in starting his picks for the season, so I might be updating this before Thursday.

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