Our Blog Was Hacked

EvilWordsmith LogoRe-installation & Configuration

Is a total pain! On top of it, the backups I’ve been making haven’t backed up images or their placement. So after I waste the day fixing everything, I’ll have to research if there’s a way to make a full back up!

Then I have to figure out how it happened in the first place. Because the first thing you do when something like this happens, is to scan your pc for a virus and I’m clean. So how did this happen?

I’m so annoyed! I don’t have time for this.

An Update:
So it seems the xml backup works and does indeed capture the images. The problem is with the upload. Now get this…the upload changed the link to the images. It didn’t change the image file names, it changed the link on the posts to the image. WHAT? It added an ’11’ to the end of each src=”image” tag. If that isn’t the weirdest thing to do.

Now I’m on a search to find out if this was a unique issue, or if this has happened to others. And more importantly…is there a solution!!

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