Drafting POTUS

The Seal Of The Great Cheese Ball...I mean..Pres. Jones

The Seal Of The Great Cheese Ball
…I mean..President Jones

Bring back the draft.

No I don’t mean the wholesale draft, we already have enough soldiers wandering aimlessly in deserts around the world, we can’t afford any more of those. But the President is the Commander-in-chief and by default part of the military. So next time let’s draft him. Find the guy in America who least wants the job and put him in charge.

The Story of President Jones begins and continues in the following episodes:

  1. How To Pick A President
  2. How the Draft Affects Foreign Policy or Operation Gladiator
  3. How the Draft Solves the Big Problems or Remember the Azamo
  4. How the Draft Takes Politics Out of the Equation or Your Skeleton’s Coming Out Party
  5. How the Draft Deals With Natural Disasters or At Least It Wasn’t Godzilla
  6. How the Draft Allows the President to Give 110% to the ninety-nine percenters or Operation Occupulco Spring
  7. How the Draft Deals with Scandal or Operation Shell Game
  8. More Coming Soon

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