2012 – NFL Week 11 Results & 12 Picks

Spring and The Prince Make Their Picks

Happy Thanksgiving one and all. May your table be filled with abundance, Joy and Love all the year and through this holiday season!

Woohoo!!! What a week 11!! I lost 1 game, thanks to the Jets killing St. Louis! But I guess I can live with that! The Prince didn’t do so bad. He’s still at 50% which is better than his previous years of picking games.

This past week he received an award for making the Honor Roll at school. I have no doubt that as time goes by and he becomes more interested in sports that his picks will become better.

Week 11 Results
Until then, here’s our results from last week.

Week 11
THU, NOV 15 Spring’s Picks Results Prince’s Picks Results Game Results
Miami at Buffalo Buffalo W Buffalo W 14 – 19
Arizona at Atlanta Atlanta W Atlanta W 19 – 23
Cleveland at Dallas Dallas W Dallas W 20 – 23 OT
Green Bay at Detroit Green Bay W Detroit L 24 – 20
Cincinnati at Kansas City Cincinnati W Kansas City L 28 – 6
NY Jets at St. Louis St. Louis L NY Jets W 27 – 13
Philadelphia at Washington Washington W Philadelphia L 6 – 31
Tampa Bay at Carolina Tampa Bay W Tampa Bay W 27 – 21 OT
Jacksonville at Houston Houston W Jacksonville L 37 – 43 OT
Indianapolis at New England New England W New England W 24 – 59
New Orleans at Oakland New Orleans W New Orleans W 38 – 17
San Diego at Denver Denver W San Diego L 23 – 30
Baltimore at Pittsburgh Baltimore W Pittsburgh L 13 – 10
Chicago at San Francisco San Francisco W Chicago L 7 – 32

Results: W = 13 / L = 1   of 14
Season: W = 80 / L = 47 / T = 1  of 128
{Didn’t make picks in Wks 1 &2 – Total: 32 Games)

Results: W = 7 / L = 7    of 14
Season: W = 63 / L = 64 / T = 1  of 128
{Didn’t make picks in Wks 1 &2 – Total: 32 Games

Week 12 Picks

In full disclosure; We made our picks during the 2nd quarter of the Houston / Detroit game. Which was tied at 7 by the time we posted our picks.

This week I’m counting on my Skins to step it up and take down Dallas. One of the league’s biggest rivalries played on Thanksgiving Day.

With Rothensburger out, I’m thinking Cleveland has a chance of winning. It might be an outside chance, but I’m going with my gut feeling on that one. The Prince still thinks the Steelers have it in them to beat the “color” team. He cracks me up. I think Atlanta is pissed they lost their winning streak and they’ll be playing angry this week. They have something to prove which isn’t going to be good for Tampa Bay. And I believe New Orleans has found their heart again. They sure have been playing like it lately, so I’m taking them over San Francisco.

So here are our picks for this week:

Week 12
 THU, NOV 22 Spring’s Picks Prince’s Picks
Houston at Detroit Houston Detroit
Washington at Dallas Washington Dallas
New England at NY Jets New England NY Jets
Minnesota at Chicago Chicago Minnesota
Oakland at Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati
Pittsburgh at Cleveland Cleveland Pittsburgh
Buffalo at Indianapolis Indianapolis Buffalo
Denver at Kansas City Denver Kansas City
Seattle at Miami Seattle Seattle
Atlanta at Tampa Bay Atlanta Tampa Bay
Tennessee at Jacksonville Tennessee Tennessee
Baltimore at San Diego Baltimore San Diego
St. Louis at Arizona Arizona St. Louis
San Francisco at New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans
Green Bay at NY Giants Green Bay NY Giants
Carolina at Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia

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