Women’s Health Issues or the Dark Age of Women’s Rights?

All the recent uproar over contraception for women only adds more fuel to a fire that has been slowly burning for decades between the powerful masculine elite in government and constant fight women have been facing for centuries. Politicians are great at pointing fingers toward the middle east and demanding they treat women with more respect, recognize their rights as human citizens of their country and protect them from abusive husbands or male family members. But then in the same breath, they turn around and try to force women here in the ‘land of the free’ into the same servitude and degradation they’re yelling at the middle east for.

All of this arguing and negative discourse is culminating on the shoulders of Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student who was denied the opportunity to testify before congress.

What gets me about this whole thing is that it’s obvious some commentators didn’t listen to her comments. Because she’s talking about birth control for her friend, who was taking it not for ‘birth control’ but for Treatment of endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome. Her friend couldn’t afford the medication (that is what this is, medication, prescribed by a doctor) to help this young woman avoid a disease that can cause the destruction of her ovaries. She couldn’t afford it, stopped taking it and within 6 to 10 months she was forced to undergo surgery to have her ovaries removed. She was faced with doing something simple to prevent disease or face a more serious illness. And because of politicians who say on one had the government has no business interfering with your freedoms then turn around and interfere with the most important freedom any human deserves to have, the right to live a healthy life.

There are many reasons someone would take birth control.
• Alleviation of menstrual cramps
if you’re a guy or a woman who has never had cramps you don’t understand how debilitating they can be. It’s a type of pain that cannot be described.
• Lowering the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancers
So Rush and those like him think cancer is a ‘gift from god’?
• Treatment of endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome

Ms. Fluke wasn’t talking about having sex. Which is another other thing that got me about Rush. He obviously doesn’t understand how contraceptives work. In his rant he gives the impression that every time you have sex, you take a pill. No..Rush..it doesn’t work that way. Whether you abstain from sex or have sex 100 times that day, you only take one pill. One pill each day. You don’t use 20 IUDs, it’s only 1.

The last thing that pisses me off about these arguments is that in all these situations, and the one that started all this at Catholic Hospitals, is that they will cover Viagra for men as a medical condition that requires a prescription. But they won’t cover contraception for women. They will pay men to work at their facilities providing them with cash to purchase condoms, but they won’t provide money to women who maybe prescribed medication to save their lives.

This isn’t about women’s health. It’s about men trying to legislate their dictatorship over all people in America. And they will continue to remove your rights, little by little, one at a time until you have no rights left at all.