Week 1 – 2010 NFL Picks – Spring & The Prince’s Results

 Well not a bad start to the 1st week. My picks finished 10wins to 6 losses. Not great, but better than some of the professional prognosticators in TV. The best game in my book was of course my Redskins vs. Dallas. Those last 3 seconds were definitely a nail-bitter. But woohoo the Cowboys self-destructed! Hahaha!!!

The little Prince didn’t fair as well. His method of picking is base on the name of the team. If it’s a bird, ie: Cardinals, Eagles, Ravens, Falcons; he picks them to win. He likes animals over objects for the most part. Not sure it’s the best method, but it works for him and that’s all that matters. He’s excited that he won 6 picks last week and didn’t even seem to listen that between us, I won the week. He asked; but it just didn’t matter because his Eagles won.  Not sure how he’s going to feel when his Eagles play my Skins.

So here are our 1st week results:

Week 1
THU, SEP 9 Spring’s Picks Spring’s Results The Prince’s Picks The Prince’s Results Game Results
New Orleans at Minnesota New Orleans W Minnesota L 14 – 9
SUN, SEP 12 .
Carolina at NY Giants NY Giants W Carolina L 18 – 31
Atlanta at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh W Atlanta L 9 – 15
Cleveland at Tampa Bay Tampa Bay W Cleveland L 14 – 17
Denver at Jacksonville Denver L Denver L 17 – 24
Indianapolis at Houston Indianapolis L Indianapolis L 24 – 34
Miami at Buffalo Buffalo L Miami W 15 – 10
Detroit at Chicago Chicago W Chicago W 14 – 19
Oakland at Tennessee Oakland L Oakland L 13 – 38
Cincinnati at New England New England W New England L 24 – 38
Arizona at St. Louis Arizona W Arizona W 17 – 13
San Francisco at Seattle San Francisco L Seattle W 6 – 31
Green Bay at Philadelphia Philadelphia L Philadelphia L 27 – 20
Dallas at Washington Washington W Dallas L 7 – 13
MON, SEP 13  
Baltimore at NY Jets Baltimore W Baltimore W 10 – 9
San Diego at Kansas City Kansas City W Kansas City W 14 – 21

Results: W = 10 / L = 6   of 16

Season: W = 10 / L = 6  of 16

W – 6 / L – 10