Today Is Penny’s Birthday

Happy Birthday!

Penny is our son’s little stuffed dog that he cannot be separated from. I had put in my calendar the day we bought her and an automatic reminder came up on Sunday that it was coming up. Our kid is getting very good at reading, so when the message popped up he rushed over to my laptop and read the message while I was cooking dinner. Suddenly I hear “Momma Momma it’s Penny’s birthday!” He was disappointed when I said no that’s tomorrow. To which he replied can we have a party with cake and hats? So guess where Momma was today. Thank Gods Target had a clearance sale and I found some bday hats and matching plates.

He also asked for a chocolate cake with balloons on it. Yeah…I might find a chocolate cake. Might find a cake with balloons on it. But the likelihood of finding a chocolate cake ‘with’ balloons was going to be near to impossible. This morning I had to prepare him for one or the other, which do you want more? He chose the balloons.

So I’m chit-chatting with the ladies at the bakery at my grocery store..I love living here in the south, everyone knows everyone else, everyone’s friendly and open to talking to strangers. So I’m chit-chatting while I’m looking at the cakes and yep..there’s a round angel food cake with white icing and balloons. A big sheet cake, white icing and balloons. Then I step back and look at the other display cases and what do my eyes discover?!  A chocolate cake WITH balloons!  Holy Cow! Little voodoo child does it again. Something magikal about that kid, I’m tellin’ ya. We’re going to have him buy the next batch of lottery tickets!

I didn’t make it back to the house from errands in time to go with Daddy to pick the youngin’ up from school. Gave me a chance to unload the car, put the groceries away and decorate the table with the cake, plates, hats, oh and I got Penny a “You’re 2, Happy Birthday” card. I’m such a sap. They made it home about 1 minute after I was done. The look on that little kids face when he walked in the door was priceless. I tried to get a picture of him, but I missed it. That smile was one I won’t soon forget.

I’m taking all the good signs of the day as a good omen for submitting a book I wrote to a publisher today too. SirEvil says it would be kewl to be published, I’m just thinking it would be kewl to get a paycheck for it.

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