Those Pesky Nascar Sponsor Commercials

Being NASCAR fans we watch a lot of races on TV. And along with those races are a lot of commercials. And in a lot of those commercials are Nascar drivers who promote the sponsors of their teams. Now we’ve seen way too many of these commercials and in our irritation we occasionally come up with our own ideas for the drivers. Here’s a just a few.

Commercial 1: HomeDepot; Joey Logano and Greg Zipadelli (Zippy)

Joey sleeping in a pair of HomeDepot #20 fire suit jammies, wakes up to the sound of hammers and saw motors. He rushes out into his living room and finds Zippy and his crew remodeling his home.

Joey: “Zippy what are you doing?” he asks with a little trepidation in his voice.

Zippy: “Getting you a win at Pocono.”

Joey: “Zippy that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard you say.”

Zippy: “That’s what I used to think.”

The commercial flips to the #20 HomeDepot crossing the finish line first. As an announcer says “HomeDepot getting things done”.


In the 2009 Season Jeff Burton is sponsored by Caterpillar. Early in the season, his Caterpillar car plowed through the grass knocking up a good deal of sod onto the front splitter. The commercial starts by showing this slide as an announcer says “Caterpillar all our equipment can plow through anything”. The commercial flips to Burton in his fire suit as he says “Ok that’s just not funny” as his crew is standing behind him giggling.