The Traveling Sound of Rumbling Trains

Randolf-Macon College And Trains

Today while watching the trains the little Prince started chatting up two college girls on their way back to campus. He asked them if they thought the trains were loud when they were studying? Great opening line. Both of them equally lovely, the brunette spoke first and noted on sunny days they don’t bother her at all. But on a snowy day this past winter, she wished she could push the mute button because they seemed to echo through the snow.

CSX - Southbound

CSX 5389 – Southbound

On the north side of Ashland sits America’s oldest Methodist College, Randolf-Macon. It’s a wonderful place, lovely and well maintained. You can see one of the more extravagant signs at the college in both these pictures. It’s the brick monument on the right of the trains. The blonde student replied that she has gotten used to the trains and realized when she goes home, she doesn’t sleep as well because there are no trains to lull her to sleep.

Amtrak - Southbound

Amtrak – Southbound

Both of these young ladies took the time to talk to our little man, asking him what grade he was in and does he like the trains. He let it slip that he wants to go to RMC when he goes to college. They gave him some tips and told him to study hard and do well in school and he should have no problem becoming a Yellow Jacket. They will be graduating this year and moving onto bigger and we hope better things as they step into the world of “grown-ups”.

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