The 2013 Grizzly Games

grizzlygamesGames and Aspirin!

If you’re Scottish, don’t get too excited at the title. It’s an elementary school thing. Their mascot is a grizzly bear. There is no bloodshed in the Grizzly Games. Well almost none, turns out the top of a two liter soda bottle is pretty hard if it hits you in the eye after being nailed by a 2nd grader with a Frisbee.

I volunteered for this today. Which, in this case, meant that I was working the Frisbee toss. Kids lined up to chuck foam Frisbees at a two liter soda bottle standing on top of a long PVC pole. And thanks to the weather for the last few days, instead of only one grade, all of them came out. All nine hundred kids, all day long.

Speaking of weather, it definitely cooperated. It’s been cold here since the end of February. But not today. No, today it’s pushing 90. My bald spot took so much radiation today, that I may have superpowers now. I know that, like the rest of my old body, it super hurts.

And speaking of pain. My brain had an interesting internal conversation with some muscle groups in my shoulders. It went like this:

Brain: Muscle group right anterior deltoid, we are tracking a fast moving blue object and command has determined to intercept, all cells on deck and coordinate with tracking.

MGRAD: Huh? What? Who is this?

Brain: This is Cerebellum C & C. This is an emergency directive, tracking says we are at risk of losing the target acquisition.

MGRAD: What time is it?

Brain: 10:04:22.1 AM EDT and that is irrelevant.

MGRAD: No I mean, what day is it?

Brain: Friday, again, irrelevant. We are losing tracking.

MGRAD: What year?

Brain: 2013. Please coordinate now with tracking and engage.

MGRAD: 2013?? What the Hell happened to 1985? And all those other years?

Brain: There is insufficient time for the memory replay request. You must engage now!

MGRAD: Fine engaging… cells 45335442 through 47394563 are contracting now. Uh oh. Damage reports coming in. Too many reports to detail! We have to eject!

Brain: You can’t eject, those muscles blew out earlier today while you were sleeping…


I hope the superpower is something I can use from a wheel chair like Charles Xavier. I’m not sure I’ll ever walk again.

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