NFL Week 9 – Spring’s Picks

NFL Week 9 – Spring’s Picks

Where to start. Let’s go with the easy picks. New Orleans hosting Carolina, I love SirEvil and his home town team, but no way will the Panthers beat the Saints at home. I feel the same way about Houston and Indianapolis; though there is a slight trepidation there. I still think the Colts at home will beat the Texans handily.

I’m counting on my Tennessee Titans building on their high from winning in week 8 and carrying that emotion into to San Francisco to beat the 49’ers. My Redskins, well they’re just done and I don’t think they have the skill or confidence to take on the Falcons in Atlanta no less. 

The tough games for me are the night games. Dallas at Philadelphia and Pittsburgh at Denver. I think these can go either way no matter which city you’re talking about. But I’m going to give the edge to the home teams. The Eagles really looked good last week against the Giants, so I’m betting on them to take Dallas who has had their struggles this year. I really like the Steelers, but I think they have a lot of off field distractions and their focus is somewhat missing. So I’m giving the edge to the Broncos who have looked good this year.

So here’s my Week 9 picks….crossing fingers.

I’ve changed two of my picks at the last minute. Cincinnati over Baltimore and Arizona over Chicago.

Week 9
Sun, Nov 08  Pick
BAL @ CIN  Baltimore
MIA @ NE  New England
KC @ JAC  Kansas City
GB @ TB  Tampa Bay
WAS @ ATL  Atlanta
ARI @ CHI  Chicago
HOU @ IND  Indianapolis
CAR @ NO  New Orleans
DET @ SEA  Seattle
TEN @ SF  Tennessee
SD @ NYG  NY Giants
DAL @ PHI  Philadelphia
Mon, Nov 09
PIT @ DEN  Denver

Byes: Bills, Browns, Vikings, Jets, Raiders, Rams

Updated: 12:58pm