NFL Week 7

Here’s the picks:

Home Away Winner Vegas Line O/U My Bet
Chicago Cincinnati 20 20 CHI CIN 1 42.5 CHI Under
San Francisco Houston 19 24 HOU HOU 3 44 HOU Under
Minnesota Pittsburgh 19 22 PIT PIT 6 45.5 MIN Under
Indianapolis St. Louis 26 19 IND IND 14 45.5 STL Under
New England Tampa Bay 24 20 NE NE 14.5 45 TB Under
San Diego Kansas City 24 20 SD SD 5 43.5 KC Over
Green Bay Cleveland 23 21 GB GB 9 41 CLE Over
Buffalo Carolina 18 20 CAR CAR 7 37 BUF Over
NY Jets Oakland 20 18 NYJ NYJ 6.5 35 OAK Over
Atlanta Dallas 20 23 DAL DAL 4 47.5 ATL Under
New Orleans Miami 24 20 NO NO 6.5 47 MIA Under
Arizona NY Giants 22 25 NYG NYG 7 46.5 AZ Over
Philadelphia Washington 19 18 PHI PHI 7 37.5 WAS Under

This week, there’s one good bet: Tampa will cover the spread. I know, I bet on Tampa before… but at least it probably won’t snow in Tampa.

Speaking of snow, cold weather, and rain (For you idiots who built domed stadiums, this is how God intended football to be played…) if your team comes from some place like Texas or Florida, or worse, some place indoors and you know you’re going on the road to some place like, say, Green Bay or Foxboro, here’s a tip on practice:

Find your nearest local meat packing plant. Make a deal with the owner to borrow their blast freezer for 3 hours a day. Put your whole team in there for the workout, and I mean everybody, put the fricken water boy in there. After a week of that, your team will be so glad to get into the nice warm snowy rain, playing football will be a breeze.

For extra points, set your kicker’s practice rig right in front of the freezer duct, if he can kick against that 50 MPH, -80° F wind, nothing Mother Nature does to him will bother him. “OH MY GOD! HE JUST GOT HIT BY LIGHTNING!… AND THE KICK IS GOOD!”

Here’s my take on the upcoming playoffs:

Wild Cards AFC NY Jets New England 17 26 New England
Baltimore San Diego 18 24 San Diego
NFC Philadelphia Minnesota 21 21 Minnesota
Green Bay Arizona 25 25 Green Bay
Division AFC New England Pittsburgh 22 22 Pittsburgh
San Diego Indianapolis 19 24 Indianapolis
NFC Minnesota New Orleans 24 24 New Orleans
Green Bay NY Giants 24 23 Green Bay
Conference AFC Indianapolis Pittsburgh 19 22 Pittsburgh
NFC Green Bay New Orleans 25 25 New Orleans
Superbowl Pittsburgh New Orleans 23 23 New Orleans
New Orleans Pittsburgh 20 23 Pittsburgh

Somehow I expect Minnesota to do better than predicted, geriatric Favre is doing a good job of whooping up on those snot nosed kids on the other team. And he still sleeps good on the sidelines, just wake him up and tell him who won when it’s time to go to the lockers. Someone should send him a purple snuggie, for those sideline naps.

Today the kid wanted to make his picks, here they are:

Away Home Pick
Chicago Cincinnati Chicago
San Francisco Houston San Francisco
Minnesota Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Indianapolis St. Louis St. Louis
New England Tampa Bay Tampa Bay
San Diego Kansas City Kansas City
Green Bay Cleveland Cleveland
Buffalo Carolina Carolina
NY Jets Oakland NY Jets
Atlanta Dallas Dallas
New Orleans Miami New Orleans
Arizona NY Giants Arizona
Philadelphia Washington Washington


Six-year-old wisdom:

Queen: Ok, dinner’s ready, turn off the TV and come on.

Prince: Mom! It’s TV dinners, you’re supposed to have the TV on!