NFL Week 17 – Spring & The Prince’s Results

There were some unexpectedly good games this past weekend. And some that should have been good that fell far short. Several games came down to who wants it more. Miami and Pittsburgh was a better game than I thought it might be and it was obvious the Steelers wanted that wild card spot more. Both teams had to rely on other teams faltering, but to get there they had to win the game first.

Houston continued their weird win at home no matter who we play record. It’s so odd how well they play against some of the best teams in the league at home, and fall so short when they play away. But they continued their tradition and beat NE at home in Texas. Good for them.

I would have LOVED to watch the Indy/Buffalo game. For no other reason than to watch them play in that snow storm. But once again Indy sat their starters for their post-season. Once again they deprive fans of a good game that they’re entitled too. Course so did Arizona and some other teams, all of which should refund ticket prices to their fans.

And lastly were there some big time blow outs! I can’t believe the Eagles couldn’t even muster a field goal against the Cowboys. But once again, it came down to who wants it more. I don’t think Dallas is going to have as easy a time of it this weekend in the playoff game. Nor do I think the Jets will walk all over the Bengals. This weekend is more than just playoff and continuing the season, these 2 teams will also be playing for pride and to some extent anger.

But we ended the last week of the regular season like this. My picks weren’t too bad. At least I was better than 50%.

Week 17
Sun, Jan 03  Spring’s Picks
 Spring’s Results
The Prince’s Picks
The Prince’s Results
SF @ STL  San Francisco  W – 28 / 6  St. Louis  L
NYG @ MIN  Minnesota  W – 7 / 44  Minnesota  W
JAC @ CLE  Jacksonville  L – 17 / 23  Cleveland  W
PIT @ MIA  Miami  L – 30 / 24  Miami  L
NE @ HOU  Houston  W – 34 / 27  Houston  W
ATL @ TB  Atlanta  W – 20 / 10  Tampa Bay  L
NO @ CAR  Carolina  W – 10 / 23  Carolina  W
IND @ BUF  Indianapolis  L – 7 / 30  Buffalo  W
CHI @ DET  Chicago  W – 37 / 23  Detroit  L
PHI @ DAL  Philadelphia  L – 0 / 24  Philadelphia  L
WAS @ SD  San Diego  W – 20 / 23   San Diego  W
BAL @ OAK  Oakland  L – 21 / 13  Oakland  L
KC @ DEN  Denver  L – 44 / 24  Denver  L
GB @ ARI  Green Bay  W – 33 / 7  Arizona  L
TEN @ SEA  Tennessee  W – 17 / 13  Tennessee  W
CIN @ NYJ  NY Jets  W 0 – 37  Cincinnati L
Results: W = 10 / L = 6   of 16Season: W = 165 / L = 91   of 256 W – 7 / L – 9