NFL Week 15 – Spring & The Prince’s Results

Awe Man….the Saints lost. I can’t believe they lost. We are stuck with the void of Comcast in the boonies of the non-digital world, so we have no way of watching games on the NFL. But I’m hoping that they lost because they didn’t play their starters and they’re resting up for the playoffs. I’m crossing my fingers anyway. And Woohoo the Colts are still undefeated. I love when someone defies the odds. And I like Peyton; that boy not only has talent, he’s also got to be a great guy. Only someone with a healthy confident in themselves would play a part where they get laughed at in every commercial they’re in. And I love his commercials. I mean come’on, giving a mouth guard to a middle aged lady..that’s funny.

My Titans won. I’m so excited they won. And in overtime too! I kept waiting to see all the replay shows run the miraculous interception that bounced through several players hands before it wound up in the possession of the Titans, but no one seems to think that was kewl but me.

The surprise to me was the Panthers taking Minnesota. Brett’s front line seems to have crumbled here in the late part of the season. Where’s the protection for the pocket for goodness sake. I know they’re missing some guys, but the fill-ins are supposed to be professionals and should step in and show what they’ve got. Don’t they get it’s an opportunity to audition for a permanent spot?

Ok, enough of the review; here’s how the Prince and I ended up for the week. It was a 50/50 week for me. The 6 year old didn’t fair so well with his picks. But he tends to pick who ever I don’t pick. That works sometimes.

Week 15
Thu Dec 17  Spring’s Picks
 Spring’s Results
The Prince’s Picks
The Prince’s Results
IND @ JAC  Indianapolis  W – 35 / 31  Indianapolis  W
Sat, Dec 19
DAL @ NO  New Orleans  L – 24 / 17  New Orleans  L
Sun, Dec 20
CLE @ KC  Kansas City  L – 41 / 34  Kansas City  L
ATL @ NYJ  NY Jets  L – 10 / 7  NY Jets  L
MIA @ TEN  Tennessee  W – 24 / 27 OT  Miami  L
HOU @ STL   Houston  W – 16 / 13  St. Louis  L
NE @ BUF  New England  W – 17 / 10  Buffalo  L
ARI @ DET  Arizona  W – 31 / 24  Detroit  L
SF @ PHI  Philadelphia  W – 13 / 27  Philadelphia  W
GB @ PIT  Green Bay  L – 36 / 37  Pittsburgh  W
CHI @ BAL   Baltimore  W – 7 / 31  Baltimore  W
OAK @ DEN  Denver  L – 20 / 19  Denver  L
CIN @ SD  San Diego  W – 24 / 27  San Diego  W
TB @ SEA  Seattle  L – 24 / 7  Seattle  L
MIN @ CAR  Minnesota  L – 7 / 26   Carolina  W
Mon, Dec 21
NYG @ WAS  Washington  L – 45 / 12  NY Giants  W
Results: W = 8 / L = 8    of 16
Season: W = 146 / L = 78    of 224
W – 7 / L – 9