NFL Week 15 – Spring & The Prince Make Their Picks

Here we go for week 15.

I don’t think there’s a lot of surprises if everyone plays to their records. But strange things have happened in the last few weeks, so who knows.

No way is Jacksonville going to be able to stand up against the Colts, so I think their undefeated season is safe. I can’t stand Dallas, but even so I agree with Tony Dungee who said the Cowboys don’t have what it takes to bring down the Saints at home. So I expect them to continue undefeated as well. Crossing my fingers they do; I really want the Saints to go undefeated for the season; as I’ve mentioned several times over the past weeks. 

The tough picks for me are Atlanta and NY Jets. I’m going with the Jets, but you never know about Atlanta. Sometimes they step it up when they know they need to. Tennessee and Miami is another hard pick. But I’m going with my Titans to win at home.  The Prince is sure the Dolphins will step it up and take Tennessee.

We’re split on New England at Buffalo. He thinks being home is going to give the Bills the advantage. I don’t think it’s going to matter. But the Patriots have some pretty bad Coaching decisions so anything is possible.

Then there’s Green Bay and Pittsburgh. I really don’t understand why the Steelers have played so poorly lately. But it’s hard to pick them this week. I think the Packers will continue the ride on their previous games and take the Steelers easily.The Prince is counting on that home field advantage again. Which he thinks will carry over into Charlotte for the Panthers as well. I don’t think Carolina has what it takes to stop the Vikings Offense or hold back their Defense. So I’m going against SirEvil’s home team and picking Farve and the boys in purple.

So here are our week 15 picks.

Week 15
Thu Dec 17  Spring’s Picks
The Prince’s Picks
IND @ JAC  Indianapolis  Indianapolis
Sat, Dec 19
DAL @ NO  New Orleans  New Orleans
Sun, Dec 20
CLE @ KC  Kansas City  Kansas City
ATL @ NYJ  NY Jets  NY Jets
MIA @ TEN  Tennessee  Miami
SF @ PHI  Philadelphia  Philadelphia
NE @ BUF  New England  Buffalo
ARI @ DET  Arizona  Detroit
CHI @ BAL  Baltimore  Baltimore
HOU @ STL  Houston  St. Louis
GB @ PIT  Green Bay  Pittsburgh
OAK @ DEN  Denver  Denver
CIN @ SD  San Diego  San Diego
TB @ SEA  Seattle  Seattle
MIN @ CAR  Minnesota   Carolina
Mon, Dec 21
NYG @ WAS  Washington  NY Giants

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