HBO’s True Blood

We’ve been watching HBO’s “True Blood” from Netflix. While I’ve seen a few of the episodes over it’s current seasons, I’ve missed a lot of them. SirEvil has never seen them so we decided to add the show to our Netflix list and start from scratch. One of the first things we decided is watching this show is like watching “baptist” porn. While the concept of sexual interaction is very much in tune with the historical mythology of Vampires, the show takes it to the very edge of what we’re used to seeing on American television, or even cable. Now for us, this isn’t a big deal; we’re hardly puritans. But it certainly surprises me that one of our dear friends (a very devout Christian) is totally enthralled with this show, with all it’s immoral concepts. For some reason I find that funny and interesting at the same time.

So after watching a few of the first episodes we find ourselves wishing Netflix would hurry up and send the next DVD. We’re ready for the next episode as soon as the previous one ends. A good sign for a show that it’s good. And this one, certainly is! If you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth putting on your Netflix list.