Dinner Time & Trains

Nothing Like A Picnic

One nice thing about working in Richmond is that Ashland is on the way home. Each day I’d run through town and watch for the installation of the new track. On a few occasions I would stop and take a picture of the trains for my little man.


CSX 4819

I’d also look for my favorite freight train. The Tropicana train. Sometimes we’d see it heading north loaded with oranges and orange juice. On a few occasions you could smell the sweetness of the oranges and the wind from the train blows into your face.


CSX 5265

In the late afternoons however, you’re more likely to see the Tropicana train heading south and obviously running empty. It always seemed kind of sad on those trips.


Amtrak 7

And of course there’s the late afternoon north bound Amtrak train. Once in a great while, it would stop and drop off passengers. North bound visitors seem to be very rare for our little train depot. Typically Amtrak stops on its way south.

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