Coming And Going

North & South Bound Passing

As we’ve mentioned in our little train tribute section, it’s not often we see north and south bound trains passing each other in the middle of town. Today was one of those special days.


CSX 751

As the CSX 751 was heading north, we spotted off int he distance another freight train coming towards us, heading south.

CSX 1 & 2

CSX 571 & 5485

It’s a chance to catch that rare sight of the front of one freight train, with the tail end of another. I often imagine what this sight would be like if there was a little red caboose on the back of the train cars.


CSX 571 & 5485

Some how these big power giants look kind of happy when they’ve passed one of their own. Perhaps it’s the feeling that they’re not alone on these long cold rails.


CSX 5485

Even when they’re followed closely behind by a passenger train.


Amtrak 835


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