Wildcard Week

Here’s the picks:

Away Home     Winner Vegas Line O/U Bets  
Baltimore New England 17 24 NE NE 3.5 43 NE Under
NY Jets Cincinnati 18 17 NYJ CIN 2.5 34 NYJ Over
Green Bay Arizona 25 25 AZ GB 1 47.5 AZ Over
Philadelphia Dallas 20 22 DAL DAL 3.5 45 PHI Under

There aren’t any good bets, never are in the playoffs.

I sure hope that two weeks is long enough for Philly to make it to Dallas, clearly one week wasn’t long enough…

I hope that the teams who threw their final regular season games to “rest their starters” don’t make it to the Superbowl. Their fans deserve better than that. Unfortunately both of those teams appear to me to be going to the Superbowl. It sure would be funny if the Jets beat Indy next week… Here’s how the playoffs look to me:

Wild Cards AFC Baltimore New England 17 24 New England
    NY Jets Cincinnati 19 18 NY Jets
  NFC Green Bay Arizona 26 26 Green Bay
    Philadelphia Dallas 21 22 Dallas
Division AFC NY Jets Indianapolis 18 22 Indianapolis
    New England San Diego 23 25 San Diego
  NFC Green Bay New Orleans 25 27 New Orleans
    Dallas Minnesota 18 24 Minnesota
Conference AFC San Diego Indianapolis 20 22 Indianapolis
  NFC Minnesota New Orleans 23 27 New Orleans
Superbowl   Indianapolis New Orleans 24 25 New Orleans
    New Orleans Indianapolis 22 22 Indianapolis


I wonder if there has ever been a double do-over in the playoffs before.