Springs’s 2014 NFL Week 3

seahawks2014 Season: Week 3

I’m hoping for a better week this Sunday. My games to watch: Washington at Philadelphia. I’m actually picking against my most favorite team. But this is an in conference game so it has some high stakes for both teams.

Anyone know where the Giants have gone? Who would have thought they’d be struggling so badly? I didn’t. While they’re lost, Houston is stepping it up, and I think they’ll take New York by storm.

On that same note, Andrew Luck seems to be having some bad luck so far this year. Where are the rest of the Colts? And like Houston, I think the Jags have discovered big kitties have big teeth. They are really playing well in this early part of the season. Wonder if they’ll be there in the end.

The other game I’m interested in, as I’m sure a lot of people are; the Broncos in Seattle. I think Denver comes into the week with a determination to redeem themselves from the Super Bowl loss. But I don’t think it’s going to be that easy. The Seahawks are smarting over a loss last week that should have never happened. And they have a reputation to redeem from that loss. That they’re playing at home in Seattle I think gives the Hawks an advantage. Albeit a very small one.

Here’s my picks for this week:

Week 3
Thursday, Sept. 18 Spring’s Pick
 1 Tampa Bay vs.  Atlanta Atlanta
Sunday, Sept. 21
 2 San Diego vs.  Buffalo  Buffalo
 3 Dallas vs.  St. Louis Dallas
 4 Washington vs.  Philadelphia  Philadelphia
 5 Houston vs. NY Giants  Houston
 6 Minnesota vs.  New Orleans Minnesota
 7 Tennessee vs.  Cincinnati  Cincinnati
 8 Baltimore vs.  Cleveland  Baltimore
 9 Green Bay vs.  Detroit  Green Bay
10 Indianapolis vs.  Jacksonville Jacksonville
11 Oakland vs.  New England  New England
12 San Francisco vs.  Arizona  San Francisco
13 Denver vs.  Seattle  Seattle
14 Kansas City vs.  Miami Miami
15 Pittsburgh vs.  Charlotte  Charlotte
Monday, Sept. 22
16 Chicago vs. NY Jets NY Jets

Week 2 Results

I don’t want to talk about. It was football in the twilight zone. How else do you explain San Diego beating Seattle? Really?! Ok New Orleans falling to Cleveland could have gone either way. It was close after all. I thought it might even go into overtime, but nope.  At least I can say I’m 50/50 for the season.

Week 2
Thursday, Sept. 11 Spring’s Pick Result Game Results
 1 Pittsburgh vs.  Baltimore Baltimore W 06 – 26
Sunday, Sept. 14
 2 Miami vs.  Buffalo Miami L 10 – 29
 3 Jacksonville vs.  Washington Skins W 10 – 41
 4 Dallas vs.  Tennessee Tennessee L 26 – 10
 5 Arizona vs. NY Giants Arizona W 25 – 14
 6 New England vs.  Minnesota Minnesota L 30 – 07
 7 New Orleans vs.  Cleveland New Orleans L 24 – 26
 8 Atlanta vs.  Cincinnati Atlanta L 10 – 24
 9 Detroit vs.  Charlotte Charlotte W 07 – 24
10 St. Louis vs.  Tampa Bay Tampa Bay L 19 – 17
11 Seattle vs.  San Diego Seattle L 21 – 30
12 Houston vs.  Oakland Oakland L 30 – 14
13 NY Jets vs.  Green Bay Green Bay W 24 – 31
14 Kansas City vs.  Denver Denver W 17 – 24
15 Chicago vs.  San Francisco San Francisco L 28 – 20
Monday, Sept. 15
16 Philadelphia vs.  Indianapolis Philadelphia W 30 – 27
 43% – Results: W = 7 / L = 9 of 16
50% – Season: W = 16 / L = 16 of 32

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