This Is Your Brain On Stupid – #3

The Shoe Incident

Um Momma…I have something to tell you…

Today at breakfast (at school no less), I was playing with my shoe and I put my finger in it like this…and then I couldn’t get it out. 

Momma…starts giggling.

I started crying and yelling for help. Some of the teachers came to help and NO one could get my finger out!

Momma…starts laughing.

Finally one of the teachers said let’s take the shoe off and see if we can cut it out of there. I was really scared they were going to cut my finger off.

Momma is now laughing hysterically.

When they got it off something happened and my finger ust came loose. I was so scared they were going to have to cut my finger off to get the shoe off!

Momma can no longer breath!

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