Things That Just Bother Me

image1.jpgEver pull up to a stop light in traffic and look next to you and there is no car?  I mean there’s a car in front of you, and a car next to him, a car behind you and a car next to him, yet there is NO car next to you?  I always wonder which one of us has lost it.  Either that guy who stopped short sees a car that isn’t there, or there IS a car there and I can’t see it.  I’ve noticed it never happens when someone is in the car with me so I can ask, “Do you see the car sitting next to us?”

This happens a lot around Charlotte.  I think it might be insanity brought on by the fact that red lights last long enough here to read a novel.  Or, if I’m the one not seeing the cars, it’s insanity brought on by driving amongst the drivers here.


Is there a rule in a book somewhere that says you have to count to 10 after the light turns green before you move?