The White House Honors 2011 NASCAR Champion

2011 Chase Drivers Honored

The White House Welcomes the NASCAR Champion, Tuesday April 17, 2012. The tributes to sports teams are a long-stranding presidential tradition. It’s an opportunity for the President to celebrate excellence and achievement by American sportsmen and women.

Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart of Stewart-Haas Racing

The 30th President of the United States is credited with starting the practice. In October of 1924, Calvin Coolidge welcomed the Washington Senators after winning the American League championship. “The Washington team won because it deserved to win,” said Pres. Coolidge. And the same could be said about our own 2011 Nascar Champion Tony Stewart and the entire #14 Office Depot/Mobil 1 team!

Say what you will about Pres. Obama, he’s still the sitting President of the United States and it’s an honor for any sports champions to be recognized by the White House.

Every Nascar fan agrees that last year was a unique and special Championship series. The level of intensity expressed by Stewart-Haas Racing and in particular the #14 team and our 3-Time Champion Tony Stewart especially, was a story for the ages. It was spectacular. It was heroic. It was an excellent achievement to raise the bar in the last 10 races of the season. And it deserves the same recognition that any NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB champions have received no matter who is in the Oval Office. It’s about the history of recognition and accomplishment by a country who is grateful to have heroes to cheer for on Sundays.

The disparaging remarks by some who claim to be Nascar fans are an embarrassment to the racing world. This visit by the Nascar elite is not about raising campaign money, it’s not a political rally, it has nothing to do with party affiliation or political positions.

Thankfully not all of us fans are short sighted and demand politics play a part in all avenues of our life. Some of us have the ability to separate the politics from the history making events of the 2011 Chase and the traditional White House  Champion recognition. And we’re thrilled for our drivers, excited for their families and happy that our reigning Champion is being honored for hard work, dedication and expression of excellence that he and the other members of the 2011 Chase field deserve.

So Congratulations to Tony! You and your crew and everyone at Stewart-Haas deserve the recognition for your achievement! …..and if you need someone to go with you, I’m just down the road in Richmond…I clean up well and would be proud to stand in the crowd applauding your achievement.

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