The JetDryer Interview & Commercial

JetDryerBrought To You By Stewart Haas Racing
Sunday Sept. 15, 2013

During the rain delay at Chicagoland Speedway, Stewart-Haas Racing took time to interview the star of the day, the Jet Dryer on Twitter.

After driver intros, Jet Dryer media availability will begin here @ChicagolndSpdwy.

StewartHaasRcng – Q: When will it stop raining?
Jet Dryer: “If we knew that, we’d be a bookie in Las Vegas.”

Q: Do you dry the track any differently for the Chase?
Jet Dryer: “You go to the track, you dry it, and you get points for it.”

Q: Take us for a lap around @@ChicagolndSpdwy.
Jet Dryer: “Turn on jet dryer & then go straight, left, left, straight, left, left.”

Q: Is there a “Chase mode”?
Jet Dryer: “You just take that extra little time, go through checklists twice.”

Q: How does the jet dryer work?
Jet Dryer: “Guys, it’s not rocket science. Wait, I guess it is.”

Q: How do you approach these next 10 races?
Jet Dryer: “Our philosophy of drying the track doesn’t change week to week.”

Q: Is there a point in the Chase when #ItsGoTime?
Jet Dryer: “Until they say the track can’t be dried, you’re never out of it.”


Evil followed that up with a new Coca-Cola Racing Family Commercial featuring the Jet Dryer:

2013 Coca Cola Racing Family

2013 Coca Cola Racing Family

The commercial begins with the Coke Drivers standing on pit road under umbrellas watching the Jet Dryers slowly moving around the track.

Newman “I think I could do better”.
Danica looks at Ryan and replies  “Race ya.”

Next scene, Coke drivers in their race cars towing the Jet Dryers around the track in a speedy race.
The camera pans around the track to Tony sitting on pit wall in his cast talking to a Nascar Official:  “See I told you we’d get the track dried quicker.”

The commercial ends by panning down pit road behind Tony and the official.
A red race car is pulling a Jet Dryer that’s on fire as Tony shakes his head and says “Montoya”, then drinks his Coke.

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