The Birthers New Conspiracy — Give it a rest already didn’t take long for a conspiracy theory to emerge about Pres. Obama’s long form birth certificate. I received a spam email today that proclaimed the birth certificate is a forgery and all you have to do is open the document in Adobe Illustrator and look at the layers to see it’s a fraud. Stating further that no pdf document would do this.  — Of course that’s not true, many pdf image documents do that. I can do it with a pdf scan I have of an imaged document.

It’s just amazing to me how far bigots will go attack people. So many people keep calling the long form the official document and that just irks me to no end as well. It’s not the official document and hasn’t been for several years. Hawaii produces a digital version of birth certificates and those, and only those are the official legal documents of the state. Give it a rest already Birthers. You’ve lost your argument and your continual conspiracy rants do nothing but show you as the bigots you are. You 5 minutes are up. Get off the stage now.