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It’s A Sad Day

We tried, but we didn’t win one of this weeks Beta Key give a ways. Pretty bummed about that. But there’s still hope. I’ve heard a rumor that KingsIsle will be making new contests and offers soon. We’ll keep everyone posted on that. Not like everyone is clamoring to get to our new blog “A Pirate’s Portal“, but hey..you never know who’ll be stopping by!

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Family Fun Time!

Bonding Through Online Games

Aedan Thundercloud & Penny
Level 42 Storm Wizard

Wizard101 is a multi-player adventure game and fun for kids and adults of all ages. We’re certainly proof of that.  And because the game is designed to encourage social activity and interaction among the players, it’s a great form of entertainment for families.

My son saw a commercial on Cartoon Network and asked if he could play the game.  Trying to be a responsible Mom, I did some research and checked out the game first. I quickly became satisfied with how the company protects kids within the game, what type of violence might be in the game and what the overall reviews from other players. When teachers are recommended the game, it can’t be all bad. But the more I researched, the more I was impressed with the approach KingsIsle Entertainment (creators of Wizard 101) take to provide a safe and fun game for kids.

Of course I kept an eye on him while he first started playing. It was long before he asked me to play with him. I figured he’d like that for a few short sessions, so ok. Pft…little did I know how addicting this game can become for adults too! We love playing together, battling monsters, achieving goals and sharing time together. If you’re familiar with the World of Warcraft, this game is similar, but with a little more help for kids and certainly ‘G’ rated.

As a Mom I love this game because of the many things it has taught my son. He began playing when he was 6 and he’s 9 as of this posting. Continue reading