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To My Valentine

My Queen - Springwolf 2015

My Queen – Springwolf 2015

For My Queen

I whisper it. I shout it.
Near or far,
They are the words that start my day.
They are the words that end my day.
I remember the first time,
When some smarter and wiser part of my mind
First uttered them.
I meant them without even knowing in that moment.
I say them often,
But do not imagine that they have faded.
They never mean less than
On that first time,
Nor in all the thousands since.

I love you.

By EvilWordsmith - Copyright All rights reserved. © 2015



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Two New Android App Reviews

valentinesLive WallPaper

Each time a new holiday or season comes around I go looking for a new wallpaper to celebrate the event. Today, it’s Valentines Day. After doing a little looking around, I also thought St. Patty’s Day is around the corner.

Being a Celtic Pagan Shaman, it’s a nice time of the year of me and my kind. We don’t celebrate St. Patrick, instead we honor our Celtic heritage, the magik of the little people and our friends the faery folk.

So I found the following two live wallpapers that are worth sharing.

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Sweet Heart – by GO Launcher Dev Team ☆☆☆☆☆
shamrockA Lovely Live Wallpaper – I really like this wall paper. It’s great for Valentines Day with some very beautiful backgrounds. And for any time of the year, you can put your own picture on the background and let the hearts of love fly.

Shamrock Live Wallpaper – by 1473labs ☆☆☆☆☆
Fun wallpaper for March, Celts and anyone who likes the Luck of the Shamrock on their phone. Some nice background images to choose from. Set the number of clovers and fireflies to float across your screen. Along with a special gold 4 leaf clover! I like it!
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