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2015 In Review

annualreviewLooking Back

I love the WordPress Jetpack year end in review. It’s interesting to see what’s popular, what we said and did. And how it relates to other things in the world.

Evilwordsmith 2015 In Review

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To My Valentine

My Queen - Springwolf 2015

My Queen – Springwolf 2015

For My Queen

I whisper it. I shout it.
Near or far,
They are the words that start my day.
They are the words that end my day.
I remember the first time,
When some smarter and wiser part of my mind
First uttered them.
I meant them without even knowing in that moment.
I say them often,
But do not imagine that they have faded.
They never mean less than
On that first time,
Nor in all the thousands since.

I love you.

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© 2014 This Material Is The Intellectual Property of Evil Wordsmith
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She’s A Flower

That Can Endure

It’s been a tough few years in our house, thanks to the ‘great’ Recession. Personally I see nothing great about it. But the struggle and endurance prompted Sir Evil to write this about me. For some reason, I felt the need to share today. I guess maybe someone out there who reads his blog, needs to see it.

201408 A Battleship Flower

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We Will Always Remember

9-11 Never Forget by Springwolf

9-11 Never Forget by Springwolf



We Will Always Remember and Never Forget

Never Forget those we lost, their family and friends.
Never Forget those first responders and their heroic efforts.
Never Forget those who sacrificed their lives in the aftermath.
Never Forget those who volunteered to serve in response.
Never Forget those who didn’t come home from far and near.
We will always remember, with tears, thoughts and prayers.

~ Springwolf

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Thank You For Your Service!

A deep and heart-felt Thank You to all the Men and Women of our Armed Services, living and in spirit! Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

Memorial Day

Produced by The U.S. Air Force News Agency

Thank you to ALL our Animal Veterans

Thank you to ALL our Animal Veterans

This weekend is a reminder of the sacrifices that have been made for freedom. Formerly known as Decoration Day, it originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the fallen Union Soldiers. The south too had its day of Decoration, but the date of celebration varied through out each region of the nation.

On June 28, 1968, Congress passed the Uniform Holidays Bill, which moved four holidays, including Memorial Day, from their traditional dates to a specified Monday in order to create a convenient three-day weekend. The change moved Memorial Day from its traditional May 30th date to the last Monday in May. The law took effect at the federal level in 1971.

From The Beginning
From its origins, Decoration Day expanded with each passing year becoming more nationally recognized for all Veterans of the Armed Forces and from every war the United States has participated in. The practice grew again after World War II when Decoration Day slowly transitioned to Memorial Day and included any family member that had passed. It became a day of remembering relatives and decorating cemeteries, whither or not they were service men and women. Many suggest the sacrifices that all Americans made during WWI and WWII to support our troops deserved recognition as well. Thus the day of honoring those who made sacrifices and lived through the hardships of war were included in Memorial Events.

Today Memorial Day is seen as one of the two biggest Patriotic Days of the year in the United States. Coming second only to the 4th of July. Flags are placed on grave sites for those who paid the greatest price for our freedom and flowers are laid by those we have lost and remember with memories and love.

What ever your method of celebration and honor this weekend, when you see a soldier thank them for their service. Let them know you appreciate their sacrifice and support them here and over there and every where.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone. Please have a safe and relaxing extended weekend! And spend a few moments remembering what this weekend is really all about.

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Fuck I hate Monday.

Monday by Springwolf ©2014 Today Is Monday, It’s Always Monday, From Part II to V

The hard drive in my laptop is dying. So I turned it on at 6:30. It booted probably moments after I left to take the kid to school at 8:00. But… I figured no problem, I have finished the upgrade on my other machine, I’ll just get my mail there. The upgrade installed Gnome 3.8, from the 2.x versions. It comes up with an essentially blank screen. S l o w l y comes up.

It’s not blank, it has what looks like a curtain. I actually waited figuring the curtain might open theatrically and show me a desktop. It didn’t. Except for the clock there are exactly two things you can click on, one is something called “Activities” and the other is my user name. I clicked on “Activities” and fully 10 seconds tick by before it shows me a line of about a half dozen BIG ass icons. Exactly two of these are identifiable, Firefox and the file-cabinet icon of Nautilus. I never use Nautilus, if I want to play around with files, I use a terminal. I have discovered that, with the right tools (Windows doesn’t have them…), it is easier and more efficient to work with files by using all ten fingers than it is to use one finger and a wrist. Continue reading


And a Unicorn Pirate:

Picture 2013-12-25 12-50-17

On Dec. 30th 2013, the The Ænigma Project broadcast a show about Ghost Pictures. Good show. But we got a little silly in the chat room talking about pictures with orbs. Most people think they’re ghosts, when really they’re nothing but dust reflecting light. This was my response to reflecting orbs.


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