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Superbowl XLVII – Results

Superbowl TrophyRavens Overwhelm The 49’ers

Last night was the first good Superbowl game in a long time. But it didn’t start out that way. The first half seemed to be all Baltimore. They came to play and they were going to win big. There are enough people talking about the halftime show, so I’ll skip my commentary about that. Then the second half started and the Ravens came out like gang-busters!

Jacoby Jones of the Baltimore Ravens set an NFL postseason record with a 108-yard kickoff return to start the second half. As reported by ESPN:
Jones took the opening kickoff of the second half, a line-drive shot from David Akers, deep in the Ravens’ end zone and ran it the other way for the score, stretching Baltimore’s lead to 28-6.

And then…a few minutes later; the lights went out for San Francisco. Ok..so the lights went out for everyone as the stadium experienced a power outage. Stadium officials reported a feed into the stadium was disrupted, though they didn’t say what that disruption was. Rumor throughout the stadium, as reported by Nascar’s 2012 Sprint Cup Champion Brad Keselowski on Twitter was: Continue reading

NFL Super Bowl XLVII

footballEvil Looks Over The Superbowl

I had a post written up for the conference week but I never posted it, but let’s not discuss that…

This week is the Superbowl and my predictions this week will be right on target. Maybe. Problem is, whenever I make a prediction about a B team, like Baltimore last week, they screw it up. At least I can’t go 0-2 this weekend.

Bottom line here, New England will not beat Atlanta in the Superbowl. Unless they do it out in the parking lot. Honestly, would love to see that.

My take:









San Francisco



San Francisco



Vegas this week:






San Francisco






I blame the Atlanta and New England for all the things that went wrong last week. Especially New England.


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2012 SuperBowl!

Superbowl TrophySpring & The Prince Make Their Superbowl Picks!

We have several favorite teams in this house. My life long favorite team is the Redskins. Evil stands behind his Carolina Panthers. And the Prince has some how fallen in love with the Eagles.

But we have other favorites as well. The New Orleans Saints, who can’t love the underdog! Especially the underdog who made it big at a time when their city needed it the most. The Tennessee Titans. I was born in east Tennessee and I went to college there as well. So of course I’d support my “home” team. And then there’s….the Baltimore Ravens.

That makes this years Superbowl pick easy for me. I grew up outside of Washington DC and of course in our house the Skins reigned supreme. That also gives me a little bragging rights in the house since my team is the only one of our top three who made it into the playoffs.

But right up the road from my childhood home are our neighbors in Baltimore. They’ve always been someone we cheered for in our house. I’m excited they’ve made it to the big show! So there’s no statistical reason behind my pick. I’m simply going with passion and desire. Continue reading

NFL Conference Weekend

Spring and The Prince Check The Scoreboard & Make Their Picks

Well the child had a pretty good weekend. He picked all the games except one and that one was still pretty close. He counted on Seattle to pull it out, but in the end Atlanta pulled off a miracle. It was truly a surprising game and one well worth watching.

Can’t say that for Houston and New England. I can’t stand the Patriots and that emotion was not only confirmed but strengthened tonight. When quarterback Matt Schaub’s pass to DeVier Posey is called incomplete and then reversed as a Touchdown, Belichick’s reaction was overboard irritated. The Patriots were already at least 20 points ahead, even without this TD. It’s one thing to win, but another to feel the need to stomp your foot into the face of your challenger.

In the end, I won 2 and lost 2. But the Prince ended the weekend at 75%. Continue reading

NFL Divisional Week

Evil Covers The Weekend In Playoffs

The boys in Vegas must be confused, they seem to think that just because Denver can stomp Kansas City into the dirt that they can do that to Baltimore. There’s a key difference between Baltimore and Kansas City: Baltimore has actual professional football players on their team. You know the kinda guy I’m talking about, that guy who can say quietly “Sit down.” during a bar fight and turn the fight into a game of musical chairs. Denver will eek by today.

Time to see if Green Bay are genii. The computer says that San Francisco will be even tougher now, and will win by 4.

Bottom line here, New England will still beat Atlanta in the Superbowl.

My take: Continue reading

2012/13 NFL Wildcard to Divisional Playoffs

Spring and The Prince Cover Their Bets

Well last week was disappointing. Not because we both finished the weekend with 2 wins and 2 losses; but because our Redskins were one of those losses. Still the Prince and I finished the weekend at 50% and well, that’s better than losing 3 out of 4 games. Or not getting any of them right.

As for our Redskins; RGIII is a great player, but he’s not superman. The coaches should have taken him out of the game from the very moment he started limping. Fans in the stands (you may not have realized it watching on TV) but they were yelling for him to be pulled. With a proven backup like Kirk Cousins, the game really could have turned out differently. But alas, our arm-chair coaching means nothing and the Skins are sitting at home and RGIII faces surgery in his off-season.

Here’s our picks and results from the Wild Card Weekend. I must say I’m very glad Baltimore won. I’m also glad Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians is doing better. Continue reading

NFL Wildcard Week

Evil’s Playoff Picks For Wildcard Weekend

Score another one for my gut. If Quinn was hiding Denver’s superbowl rings in his cup, they’re not there anymore. No word on if they found his cup. Denver is now top of the AFC and they get a rematch with New England, this time in Denver. The computer says that NE will still stomp them into the dirt just like last year. If Tebow was holding them back, it wasn’t that much.

I think I see the method behind the madness of the Green Bay loss. By losing to Minnesota they avoid all the tough games in the playoffs. However the computer says that San Francisco will be tough enough anyway.

Bottom line here, New England will still beat Atlanta in the Superbowl.

My take for Wild Card Weekend: Continue reading

NFL Week 17 & Wild Card Weekend!

Spring & The Prince Get Ready For The Play Offs!

Last weekend couldn’t have gone much better for me! Well, yeah it could have. I would have liked to see the Saints win, but it appears Evils Panthers figured out how to play football. How’d that happen? Nothing was as wonderful as my Redskins taking down Dallas on Sunday night! Yeah baby! It’s the best rivalry in all of football if you ask me. I’d say second to that is Minnesota and Green Bay. But it’s a distant second.

All in all, it was still a great weekend with 12 winner picks vs 4 losses. That’s a 75% win rating for the week! I can live with that. And with 144 wins on the regular season, with the 1 tie included for 145; my win rating for the season so far is 65%. In full disclosure the Prince and I didn’t make picks for the first 2 weeks (that’s an additional 32 games we’re not counting here). Continue reading

NFL Week 17

Evil Makes His Final Picks Of The Regular Season

Well the pattern was right. Nothing else was. My computer assures me that had Cleveland’s offense showed up at the game, they would have given Denver what-for. I’m down to 59% on my picks, largely thanks to the sudden change in ability by Washington and Carolina. Who knew they had football players on those teams? Dallas and Atlanta clearly didn’t.

There’s another “good” bet today. And that is Kansas City will cover the 16 point spread as Denver stomps them. Actually the computer says that Kansas City will only lose by 4 points. Not sure I’d actually put money on this either, cause Denver is suddenly near the top of the AFC. Like Washington and Carolina, they have come out of nowhere. Makes me wonder if Tebow was holding them back last year.

I expect Denver will play like Quinn has personally stolen their Superbowl rings and hidden them in his jock strap. And I expect Kansas City will play like Quinn has personally stolen the Denver Superbowl rings and hidden them in his jock strap, and Denver is coming to kill them for it. I expect there will be some scoring by the Denver D.

My take: Continue reading

2012 NFL Week 17 Picks

Spring and The Prince Make Their Picks

How time flies! It’s already the last week of the regular season and my Redskins appear to be going to the playoffs. Wow! Woohoo and all that.

In between the cooking, family dinner, opening presents and Santa coming to visit I made my picks. It has taken the Prince a bit longer to decide who he wants to win in the final weekend. As usual he has made some interesting picks.

Our toss-up game is Houston at Indianapolis. I’m giving the edge to the Colts because they’re playing at home. So I hope they use that to their benefit and win. The Prince is going with the stats and thinks the Texans will pull off the win. Continue reading