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What Is That Cartouche?

Our Copyright Seals

At the bottom of our posts you may notice a seal with Japanese characters. Some folks have asked what that is. Well it’s not a cartouche, it’s called a Japanese Hanko and it’s our copyright seal for the articles here on Evil Wordsmith.

These seals are still used in Japan for professional and personal purposes. Most requiring registration with local government offices, much like a trademark is registered in the U.S. today.  Like a signature to a Westerner, they are indispensable tools for Japanese adults in authorizing a myriad of transactions, from automobile registration, to bank activities to setting up house utilities. Nearly any occasion that would call for a Westerner’s signature would call for an impression of a hanko in Japan.

You can learn more about Our Copyright Seal and we can even give you some links to places where you can get your own.
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