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Spring’s 2015 NFL Week 3

Titans2015 Season: Week 3

All I’ve got to say is, Go Skins. I’m too sick to care about football right now. But it’s Thursday, so I’m biting the bullet and getting my picks in before the Skins game. No big thought went into this week. I’m picking some upsets, going with some obvious choices and simply guessing on the rest.

I do think Romo being out will be a big hit to Dallas and with the way Atlanta is playing this year, I think the Falcons will have their game wrapped up. Some teams that should be winning, but are struggling I think will have a wake up call this week. That seems to happen in week 3 in past seasons. So I’m going with that on a few games.

Here are my picks for week 3. Continue reading

Spring’s 2015 NFL Week 2

redskins22015 Season: Week 2 Picks

Autumn officially begins this week and today’s weather is crisp and cool through most of the country. That’s football weather!

Opening week is in the books and I’m rather pleased with last weeks picks. But this week began before I had time to update my table and make my picks. But I did tell Evil before the game on Thursday that Denver would win. You’ll simply have to trust us on that one.

But here’s the picks for the rest of this week. Continue reading

Spring’s 2015 NFL Week 1

football2015 Season: Week 1

It’s time for football. Yeah.

Actually I’m a little blah for football. NASCAR season has entered the playoff stage and that’s much more interesting. After attending the final race of the season here in Richmond, I’m psyched for the Chase and not ready for football yet.

However, the air is crisp and cool today. Reminding us that the year is waning and fall is here. So whither or not we’re ready for it, football has begun. So here are my picks for week 1. Continue reading