Here’s the pick:

Away Home Winner Vegas Line O/U Bets
Indianapolis New Orleans 23 24 NO IND 5 57 NO Under

Well, here it is, a chance for the Ain’ts to make history and earn the name Saints by finally winning a Superbowl. Apparently, I’m going to miss it.

I’d like to bitch about Comcast, well I am going to bitch about them, but it’s not really their fault this time. On the best of days it takes them forever to get their equipment repaired. Today is Sunday. Today is the day after Mother Earth put a fresh foot plus of new snow on top of a heavy coating of sleet, and the three inches of snow left over from the fifteen inches of snow from last week. If we are lucky, we might get to see the Daytona race next weekend.

So, I will likely try to watch the football game online, probably in vain. It appears that the NFL is pretty sure that no one on dial-up would ever visit their site. I don’t have flash enabled and the site still takes nearly five minutes to come up to a usable form. I’ve never been on there long enough to find out how long the whole thing takes, it always seems to still be loading by the time I’m finished looking at the scores.

Why don’t you have broadband you ask? Well, there is only one “broadband” provider here… you guessed it, Comcast! And just to spread the rant around, I haven’t forgotten about the FIOS from Verizon that will “be installed here real soon, sometime in 2008.”

I guess I should count myself lucky since we were the last house on the power line who still had power all night. And I do mean last house, the next door neighbor and everyone else west of me were out. The only light on the far side of the lake was one coming from what sounded like a distant generator.

And I suspect that all that light out at the end of my driveway when I went to bed was a Rappahannock Electric crew working to change that. And on the topic of utility bitching, let me say that I have never had a bad experience with Rappahannock. When Isabelle came bowling-for-people here the power was out less than twelve hours. When one of the local squirrels committed suicide without completely knocking out the power, the crew went door to door warning us that they would be cutting power for a few minutes for the repair to give us time to get computers shut down safely. They even provide discounts on our prescription medicines.


And for those of you who are thinking of me as a bitchy-little-girl, bitching is cathartic if you have faith in the Universe. I got the best laugh ever just as I finished this post. The cable came back on right as I typed the period on the last sentence. What was on? A Comcast commercial… Nice work and nice timing.