Spring’s Week 14 Results & Week 15 Picks

EaglesWeek 14

It wasn’t a bad week! I won 10 games and that’s a 62% win ratio for the week. Which puts me at 59% for the season. I can live with that. Yeah me.

There were some surprises though. Indianapolis and Pittsburgh losing were, well unexpected. Thank goodness New England decided to wake up and realize they were playing football. What the heck was that? I can understand them being down and coming back against Denver. But it should never have been a struggle against Cleveland. But anyone who counted them down and out with come back kid Brady was simply deluding themselves.

At least they won and I won the pick. So here’s how I did for Week 14.

Week 14
THU, DEC 5 Spring’s Pick Result Game Results
Houston at Jacksonville  Jacksonville W 27 – 37
Indianapolis at Cincinnati  Indianapolis L 28 – 42
Buffalo at Tampa Bay  Tampa Bay W 6 – 27
Kansas City at Washington  Washington L 45 – 10
Minnesota at Baltimore  Baltimore W 26 – 29
Cleveland at New England  New England W 26 – 27
Oakland at NY Jets  Oakland L 27 – 37
Detroit at Philadelphia  Philadelphia W 20 – 34
Miami at Pittsburgh  Pittsburgh L 34 – 28
Tennessee at Denver  Denver W 28 – 51
NY Giants at San Diego   NY Giants L 14 – 37
Seattle at San Francisco  San Francisco W 17 – 19
St. Louis at Arizona  Arizona W 10 – 30
Atlanta at Green Bay  Green Bay W 21 – 22
Carolina at New Orleans  Carolina L 13 – 31
Dallas at Chicago  Chicago W 28 – 45
   wins / games x 100 = %

62% – Results: W = 10 / L = 6 of 16
59% – Season: W = 123 / L = 85 of 208

Week 15

Now for this week. The game is already underway in Denver, but personally I think that game is a no brainer. I don’t think my skins are fair well against Atlanta, especially since RGIII will be out for the rest of the season. I’d like to hope my Titans are going to prove me wrong in Tennessee and pull out the win. But I’m not sure they’ll be able to do that. Indianapolis should handle Houston at home and while I think the Bears might have the edge on paper, I think Cleveland has the heart, especially at home. I don’t see any upsets this week or even games that might be tight. But that’s just me.

So here’s my picks for week 15.

Week 15
THU, DEC 12 Spring’s Pick
San Diego at Denver Denver
Washington at Atlanta Atlanta
Chicago at Cleveland Cleveland
Arizona at Tennessee Arizona
Houston at Indianapolis Indianapolis
New Orleans at St. Louis New Orleans
New England at Miami New England
Philadelphia at Minnesota Philadelphia
Seattle at NY Giants Seattle
Buffalo at Jacksonville  Jacksonville
San Francisco at Tampa Bay  San Francisco
NY Jets at Carolina Carolina
Kansas City at Oakland Kansas City
Green Bay at Dallas Green Bay
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Baltimore at Detroit Baltimore


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