Spring’s Week 7 Results & Week 8 Picks

redskinsWeek 7 Results

Not a bad week. Not a great week. There were some unexpected losses. But I finished Week 7 with a 60% win ratio. Come on, that’s at least ahead of the game. So to speak.

I’m wondering, as many might be, what’s happened to New England? Has Brady reached the downside of the mountain? Is he done? I don’t think so, but something is happening up there in the cold. It’s definitely odd that New England would lose again, and to the Jets no less.

I was really counting on the Prince’s Eagles to whallop Dallas. A division game that keeps Dallas in the hunt for a playoff spot. Yuck. That gives me the heebee-geebees just thinking it.

And then there was Denver in Indy. I was really pulling for Peyton to win that game. An “in your face” revenge win. But the Football Gods didn’t allow that one to manifest. I watched him after the game, greet everyone from Indy who came up to him. That was class!

And what about those Skins! Woohoo. My guys didn’t do so badly in Chicago.

So here’s how I ended last week.

Week 7
THU, OCT 17 Spring’s Pick Result Game Results
Seattle at Arizona Seattle W 34 – 22
Tampa Bay at Atlanta Atlanta W 23 – 31
Cincinnati at Detroit Cincinnati W 27 – 24
Buffalo at Miami Miami L 23 – 21
New England at NY Jets New England L 27 – 30
Dallas at Philadelphia Philadelphia L 17 – 3
Chicago at Washington Washington W 41 – 45
St. Louis at Carolina Carolina W 15 – 30
San Diego at Jacksonville San Diego W 24 – 6
Houston at Kansas City Kansas City W 16 – 17
San Francisco at Tennessee San Francisco W 31 – 17
Baltimore at Pittsburgh Baltimore L 16 – 19
Cleveland at Green Bay Green Bay W 13 – 31
Denver at Indianapolis Denver L 33 – 39
Minnesota at NY Giants Minnesota L 7 – 23
·Bye: Oakland, New Orleans
 60 %  Results: W = 9 / L = 6 of 15
57 % Season: W = 61 / L = 46 of 107
Results: W = 0 / L = 0 of 15
Season: W = 0 / L = 0 of 107

Week 8 Picks

Onto this week. I’m late posting for Thursday’s game. But since there are Panther fans in this house, you know we picked Carolina even before the game. Now let’s talk about Sunday.

Dallas might be riding a high from their past two wins, but I don’t think they’re going to fly over the Lions. Not at home anyway. Of course Kansas has the advantage in Cleveland. And that should hold true for the Patriots in Miami.

We’re hoping our Eagles can hold the division lead against the Giants. But I’m fairly sure my Skins aren’t going to fair very well in Denver. And Green Bay should handle the Vikings today, but we’ve seen this rivalry go the other way when it shouldn’t in the past too. But I think that’s the game of the week to watch.

As opposed to Monday nights game. I’ll be surprised if St. Louis gets on the board. Good thing I have a radio show to do on Monday nights. I think that might be a snooze fest of a game.

So here are my picks for Week 8.

Week 8
THU, OCT 24 Spring’s Pick
Carolina at Tampa Bay Carolina
Dallas at Detroit Detroit
Cleveland at Kansas City Kansas City
Miami at New England New England
Buffalo at New Orleans New Orleans
NY Giants at Philadelphia Philadelphia
San Francisco at Jacksonville San Francisco
Pittsburgh at Oakland Oakland
NY Jets at Cincinnati Cincinnati
Washington at Denver Denver
Atlanta at Arizona Arizona
Green Bay at Minnesota Green Bay
Seattle at St. Louis Seattle
·Bye: Chicago, Tennessee, Indianapolis, San Diego, Baltimore, Houston

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