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Week 6 Results

I’m not happy about how the week turned out for my picks. I know the Lions are not better than Cleveland, so how did they win…IN Cleveland no less?! Carolina has been struggling off and on. They have no consistency, especially on the road. So how did they beat the Vikings by 25 points IN Minnesota?

I don’t even want to talk about my Skins. But I knew deep down they weren’t going to win in Dallas. That was definitely a pick of loyalty and it’s hard enough to pick Dallas in games that aren’t against Washington. No way can I pick them against my home team! So I expected that one.

But now explain Indianapolis and San Diego. You can’t. So never mind.

Let’s simply get last week over with and move on. I finished the with a 60% win ratio, so I can’t be too upset about the overall week. And it was better than Week 4, so I’ll focus on the bottom line and everything will be ok.

Here’s how I ended Week 6:

Week 6
THU, OCT 10 Spring’s Pick Result Game Results
NY Giants at Chicago Chicago W 21 – 27
Cincinnati at Buffalo Cincinnati W 27 – 24
Detroit at Cleveland Cleveland L 31 – 17
Oakland at Kansas City Kansas City W 7 – 24
Carolina at Minnesota Minnesota  L 35 – 10
Philadelphia at Tampa Bay Philadelphia  W 31 – 20
Green Bay at Baltimore Baltimore  L 19 – 17
St. Louis at Houston St. Louis  W 38 – 13
Pittsburgh at NY Jets NY Jets  L 19 – 6
Jacksonville at Denver Denver W 19 – 35
Tennessee at Seattle Seattle W 13 – 20
New Orleans at New England New England W 27 – 30
Arizona at San Francisco San Francisco W 20 – 32
Washington at Dallas Washington L 16 – 31
Indianapolis at San Diego Indianapolis L 9 – 19
·Bye: Atlanta, Miami
   wins / games x 100 = % 60% – Results: W = 9 / L = 6 of 15
56% – Season: W = 52 / L = 40 of 92
Results: W = 0 / L = 0 of 15
Season: W = 0 / L = 0 of 92

Week 7 Picks

So let’s get on to this week. Tonight we see the Seahawks in Arizona. I don’t think the Cardinals have a chance. I think Atlanta will use home field advantage to take Tampa Bay, but I don’t think it will be a walk-a-way. I believe Houston is suffering a serious case of Quarterback trust and their psychological issues will continue in Kansas City. I feel sorry for the Jets. Even home field isn’t going to help against the Patriots.

The game I’m looking forward to is Dallas in Philadelphia. The Cowboys are coming in with arrogance over winning against the Skins, but that’s not going to help them beat a superior team. And the Eagles have it this year. I’d love to pick my Titans against the 49’ers, but San Fran is ready for bear this year too. Maybe I should have saved that line for a Chicago game. Oh well, it’s out there now. My other game of the week is Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Come on Ravens!!

Ok, here are my picks for this week. Good luck to your favorite team(s)…

Week 7
THU, OCT 17 Spring’s Pick
Seattle at Arizona Seattle
Tampa Bay at Atlanta Atlanta
Cincinnati at Detroit Cincinnati
Houston at Kansas City Kansas City
Buffalo at Miami Miami
New England at NY Jets New England
Dallas at Philadelphia Philadelphia
Chicago at Washington Washington
St. Louis at Carolina Carolina
San Diego at Jacksonville San Diego
San Francisco at Tennessee San Francisco
Baltimore at Pittsburgh Baltimore
Cleveland at Green Bay Green Bay
Denver at Indianapolis Denver
Minnesota at NY Giants Minnesota
·Bye: Oakland, New Orleans


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