Spring’s Week 3 Resutls & Next Picks

Titans2013-14 Season Week 3 Results

Well it wasn’t a bad week. 56% over all for the week and 52% for the season. Better than 50% means I’m still winning. And I did do better than some of the ‘professional’ pundits who are supposed to know more than I do.

There were some games that really made ya scratch your head though. Come on, there was some twilight zone things going on.

How in the world did Carolina Panthers not only win over the Giants, but shut them out?! Did New York forget to get on the plane or something?! WTH!

I’m surprised about Houston falling to Baltimore as well. Certainly they didn’t play up to their potential. And are you seriously going to tell me that Miami is better than Atlanta? I think some of these guys took for granted that they were going to win and went in to these towns thinking it was going to be easy. Never discount home field advantage or the will and desire of your opponent to win.

So here’s how I did in Week 3.

Week 3
THU, SEP 19 Spring’s Pick Result Game Results
Kansas City at Philadelphia Kansas City W  26 – 16
Green Bay at Cincinnati Cincinnati W 30 – 34
St. Louis at Dallas Dallas W 7 – 31
San Diego at Tennessee Tennessee W 17 – 20
 Cleveland at Minnesota Minnesota L 31 – 27
Tampa Bay at New England New England W 3 – 23
Arizona at New Orleans New Orleans W 7 – 31
Detroit at Washington Washington L 27 – 20
NY Giants at Carolina NY Giants L 0 – 38
Houston at Baltimore Houston L 9 – 30
Atlanta at Miami Atlanta L 23 – 27
Buffalo at NY Jets Buffalo L 20 – 27
Indianapolis at San Francisco San Francisco L 27 – 7
Jacksonville at Seattle Seattle W 17 – 45
Chicago at Pittsburgh Chicago  W  40 – 23
Oakland at Denver Denver  W  21 – 37
   wins / games x 100 = % 56% – Results: W = 9 / L = 7 of 16
52% – Season: W = 25 / L = 21 of 48
Results: W = 0 / L = 0 of 16
Season: W = 0 / L = 0 of 48

Week 4 Picks
Ok this week. The 49ers should be able to hold their own against St. Louis, but I’m giving the Rams the advantage because they’re playing at home. Pittsburgh and Minnesota is my next toss up. But I think the Steelers are licking their wounds of hurt pride and the Vikings will take advantage of that at home. The Jets and Tennessee are my next game to watch.  I have to admit, loyalty is in play with that pick and I’m choosing my Titans to win. I wish I could do the same with my Skins, but I don’t see them pulling it off in Oakland.

So here are my picks for Week 4

Week 4
THU, SEP 26 Spring’s Pick
San Francisco at St. Louis  St. Louis
Baltimore at Buffalo  Baltimore
Cincinnati at Cleveland  Cincinnati
Chicago at Detroit  Detroit
NY Giants at Kansas City  Kansas City
Pittsburgh at Minnesota  Minnesota
Arizona at Tampa Bay  Arizona
Indianapolis at Jacksonville  Indianapolis
Seattle at Houston  Houston
NY Jets at Tennessee  Tennessee
Philadelphia at Denver  Denver
Dallas at San Diego  Dallas
Washington at Oakland  Oakland
New England at Atlanta  New England
Miami at New Orleans  New Orleans
·Bye: Green Bay, Carolina

Go Titans!! And I wouldn’t mind loosing the pick if my Skins won too!


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