Spring’s Week 13 Results & Week 14 Picks

TitansWeek 13 Results

Can you believe we’re into December already? Seems like it was only 1 month ago that the season started. Now we’re only 5 games away from Post-Season!

And on that note, the Skins lost…again…and they’re out of any playoff chance. The Prince is still cheering on his Eagles. We’ll see. But my Titans aren’t doing to badly.

According to SBNation’s NFL playoff picture 2013, No. 6 Tennessee Titans 5-6 (Wild Card, conference record and divisional tie-breakers) in the AFC. I still have hope!

My week wasn’t as good as I would like it to have been. But I still did better than 50%. 56% actually. I was honestly surprised that the Lions not only won over the Packers, but they won by so much. What was that?! I don’t know either, but here’s the results for last week. I hope you had a nice Turkey Day. We did.

Week 13
THU, NOV 28 Spring’s Pick Result Game Results
Green Bay at Detroit Green Bay L 10 – 40
Oakland at Dallas Dallas W 24 – 31
Pittsburgh at Baltimore Pittsburgh L  20 – 22
Tampa Bay at Carolina Carolina W 6 – 27
Jacksonville at Cleveland Jacksonville W 32 – 28
Tennessee at Indianapolis Indianapolis W 14 – 22
Chicago at Minnesota Chicago L 20 – 23
Miami at NY Jets NY Jets L 23 – 3
Arizona at Philadelphia Arizona L 21 – 24
New England at Houston New England W 34 – 31
Atlanta at Buffalo Atlanta W 34 – 31
St. Louis at San Francisco San Francisco W 13 – 23
Cincinnati at San Diego San Diego L 17 – 10
Denver at Kansas City Denver W 35 – 28
NY Giants at Washington Washington L 24 – 17
New Orleans at Seattle Seattle W 7 – 34
   wins / games x 100 = % 56%  Results: W = 9 / L = 7 of 16
58% Season: W = 113 / L = 79 of 192
Results: W = 0 / L = 0 of 16
Season: W = 0 / L = 0 of 192


Week 14 Picks

Ok on to this week. Houston seems to be self destructing so I don’t see them winning tonight, although they really should beat Jacksonville. The only reason I’m still picking the Skins…I’m a loyal fan and they’re playing at home. I can hope can’t I?

My pick of interest is Carolina at New Orleans. That one to me is a toss up. But I think Carolina is playing with more confidence than the Saints, and they’re the big Evil’s home team, so I’m going with them. While I want my Titans to win in Denver; well it’s Denver with Peyton Manning. I’m loyal but not stupid. But I wouldn’t mind losing that pick.

So here’s my picks for week 14.

Week 14
THU, DEC 5 Spring’s Pick
Houston at Jacksonville  Jacksonville
Indianapolis at Cincinnati  Indianapolis
Buffalo at Tampa Bay  Tampa Bay
Kansas City at Washington  Washington
Minnesota at Baltimore  Baltimore
Cleveland at New England  New England
Carolina at New Orleans  Carolina
Oakland at NY Jets  Oakland
Detroit at Philadelphia  Philadelphia
Miami at Pittsburgh  Pittsburgh
Tennessee at Denver  Denver
NY Giants at San Diego   NY Giants
Seattle at San Francisco  San Francisco
St. Louis at Arizona  Arizona
Atlanta at Green Bay  Green Bay
Dallas at Chicago  Chicago


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