Spring’s Week 12 Results & Week 13 Picks

Week 13 Picks

redskins2We hope everyone has a very happy, safe and drama free Thanksgiving Day! It’s a time to remember what’s really important in life and to have those people around you at this special time of the year.

It’s time for football too, so let’s get to it.

Last week I actually used stats to help me make my picks. I’m not going to do that again. Going back to gut feel. The game I’m looking forward to is New Orleans at Seattle, but that’s not until Monday night. For Turkey Day, I don’t see anything to be excited about today. But who knows maybe someone will be annoyed they have to work on Thanksgiving Day and play with a bit more heart. Of all the Thursday games, Pittsburgh at Baltimore might be the only one worth watching.

On Sunday I’m going to be watching Chicago at Minnesota, but I think the Vikings will pull it off at home. New England at Houston could be another game worth watching. I’ll be pulling for Houston, but I think the Patriots will ride in high off their win over Denver. Course the opposite could occur too. They could be beat up and exhausted from the very tough fight with Denver and be too tore up to play in Texas. But I’m still picking them to win.

So here are my picks for Week 13.

Week 13
THU, NOV 28 Spring’s Pick
Green Bay at Detroit Green Bay
Oakland at Dallas Dallas
Pittsburgh at Baltimore Pittsburgh
SUN, DEC 1  
Tampa Bay at Carolina Carolina
Jacksonville at Cleveland Jacksonville
Tennessee at Indianapolis Indianapolis
Denver at Kansas City Denver
Chicago at Minnesota Chicago
Miami at NY Jets NY Jets
Arizona at Philadelphia Arizona
Atlanta at Buffalo Atlanta
St. Louis at San Francisco San Francisco
New England at Houston New England
Cincinnati at San Diego San Diego
NY Giants at Washington Washington
MON, DEC 2  
New Orleans at Seattle Seattle

Week 12 Results

Nothing can be said about football in the Twilight Zone, so don’t even go there! I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to forget last week. Nuff said…

Week 12
THU, NOV 21 Spring’s Pick Result Game Results
New Orleans at Atlanta New Orleans W 17 – 13
SUN, NOV 24  
Pittsburgh at Cleveland Cleveland L 27 – 11
Tampa Bay at Detroit Detroit L 24 – 21
Minnesota at Green Bay Minnesota w 26 – 26 OT
San Diego at Kansas City Kansas City L 41 – 38
Chicago at St. Louis Chicago L 21 – 42
Carolina at Miami Carolina W 20 – 16
NY Jets at Baltimore NY Jets L 3 – 19
Jacksonville at Houston Houston L 13 – 6
Indianapolis at Arizona Indianapolis L 11 – 40
Tennessee at Oakland Oakland L 23 – 19
Dallas at NY Giants NY Giants L 24 – 21
Denver at New England Denver L 31 – 34
MON, NOV 25  
San Francisco at Washington San Francisco W 27 – 6
·Bye: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Seattle
   wins / games x 100 = % Results: W = 4 / L = 10 of 14
Season: W = 104 / L = 72 of 176
Results: W = 0 / L = 0 of 14
Season: W = 0 / L = 0 of 176

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