Spring’s 2014 NFL Week 1

Power Picks Champion by Springwolf

Power Picks Champion’s
Trophy by Springwolf

2014 Season: Week 1 Picks

Can you believe it’s already Football time? Where did the summer go? It was shortened for us this year. Our county decided to send kids back to school 2 weeks early. Who thought this was a good idea!? I’m sure it will be great when May comes around and our kids are getting out for the summer. I’m up for that.

In the meantime, it’s time for football, yeah! We have our annual family friendly 9rediction competition, we call it our Power Picks Cup. Evil is the proud owner of the 2013 Power Picks Cup. But only because I didn’t make picks for the entire season last year. …that’s my story and I’m sticking to it….

So here we are a new season begins. Another chance to be the family Champion and claim our kewl lookin’ trophy. Hey, we think it’s kewl and it’s our trophy, no judgements from the peanut gallery.

Here’s my Week 1 picks.

Week 1

It’s always hard for me to make my picks at the beginning of the season. I don’t follow all the statistics, read all the analysis of the teams and their players based on pre-season. Who’s hurt, who’s not, who’s shining from camp and who looks like they had a hard summer. I use some gut feeling, some previous performance from last year and a little of what I remember from last years standings.

Evil uses his nearly decade old, constantly tweaked, computer program he wrote. It takes in account history of the team on nearly every level known to mankind. It’s actually annoying that program has won the championship for the past few years. But I’m going to work hard this year at changing that!

Week 1
Thursday,Sept 5 Spring’sPick
 1 Packers vs.  Seahawks Seahawks
Sunday, Sept. 7
 2 Saints vs.  Falcons  Saints
 3 Vikings vs.  Rams  Vikings
 4 Browns vs.  Steelers  Steelers
 5 Jaguars vs.  Eagles Eagles
 6 Raiders vs. Jets Raiders
 7 Bengals vs.  Ravens  Ravens
 8 Bills vs.  Bears Bears
 9 W.Skins vs.  Texans W.Skins
10 Titans vs.  Chiefs  Titans
11 Patriots vs.  Dolphins  Patriots
12 Panthers vs.  Buccaneers  Panthers
13 49ers vs.  Cowboys 49ers
14 Colts vs.  Broncos  Broncos
Monday, Sept. 8
15 Giants vs.  Lions Giants
16 Chargers vs.  Cardinals  Cardinals

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