Springs’s 2014 NFL Week 7

Titans2014 Season: Week 6

What a great week! I made it through with 12 wins. Ok one of those is a Tie; so Cincinnati didn’t lose and I’m counting it as a win. San Diego is on top of their division, so I’m not really surprised I lost that pick. But come on; Oakland did turn it into a pretty good game.

The two surprises of the week for me, Atlanta lost to Chicago at home. Now I know the Bears aren’t a push over, but the Falcons playing at home?! How did they not show up for that game?!

Of my 3 losses, the most surprising was Dallas beating Seattle. Again, at home for the Seahawks? Say what? How did that happen? The way Romo has been playing all year, he suddenly decided to show up and play? Well that’s just not right.

Regardless I had a good week and the result was an 80% win ratio for the week and 54% for the season. Better than last week. So here’s my Week 6 results.

Week 6
Bye teams:  Kansas City,  New Orleans
Thursday, Oct. 9 Spring’s Pick Result Game Results
 1 Indianapolis vs.  Houston Indianapolis W 33 – 28
Sunday, Oct. 12
 2 Chicago vs.  Atlanta Atlanta L 27 – 13
 3 Jacksonville vs.  Tennessee Tennessee W 14 – 16
 4 Baltimore vs.  Tampa Bay Baltimore W 48 – 17
 5 Denver vs. NY Jets Denver W 31 – 17
 6 Detroit vs.  Minnesota Detroit W 17 – 3
 7 New England vs.  Buffalo New England W 37 – 22
 8 Carolina vs.  Cincinnati Cincinnati T 37 – 37 OT
 9 Pittsburgh vs.  Cleveland Cleveland W 10 – 31
10 Green Bay vs.  Miami Green Bay W 27 – 24
11 San Diego vs.  Oakland Oakland L 31 – 28
12 Dallas vs.  Seattle Seattle L 30 – 23
13 Washington vs.  Arizona Arizona W 20 – 30
14 NY Giants vs.  Philadelphia Philadelphia W 0 – 27
Monday, Oct. 13
15 San Francisco vs.  St. Louis San Francisco W 31 – 17
 80% – Results: W = 12 / L = 3 of 15
54% – Season: W = 50 / L = 41 of 91

Week 7

And now for this week.  I think Atlanta has something to prove after last weeks loss and that’s bad news for Baltimore. It’s hard picking against my Skins, but I think they’re caught up in something bigger than the team and it’s affect them all on a personal level.  I don’t know why I’m picking Detroit over New Orleans, but something says go with the Lions, so there you are. And even worse, I’m picking Dallas. Now I just feel dirty.

So here’s my picks for Week 7.

Week 7
Bye teams:  Philadelphia,  Tampa Bay
Thursday, Oct. 16 Spring’s Pick
1 NY Jets vs.  New England New England
Sunday, Oct. 19
 2 Atlanta vs.  Baltimore Atlanta
 3 Tennessee vs.  Washington Tennessee
 4 Seattle vs.  St. Louis Seattle
 5 Cleveland vs.  Jacksonville Cleveland
 6 Cincinnati vs.  Indianapolis Indianapolis
 7 Minnesota vs.  Buffalo Minnesota
 8 Miami vs.  Chicago Miami
 9 New Orleans vs.  Detroit Detroit
10 Carolina vs.  Green Bay Green Bay
11 Kansas City vs.  San Diego San Diego
12 Arizona vs.  Oakland Arizona
13 NY Giants vs.  Dallas Dallas
14 San Francisco vs.  Denver Denver
Monday, Oct. 20
15 Houston vs.  Pittsburgh Pittsburgh

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