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Titans2014 Season: Week 2

Did you have a good first week? I didn’t do to badly on my first set of picks. But more about that below. It’s Week 2 and there are some interesting games coming up. Especially after last weekend. Did you think the Patriots would lose against the Dolphins? I certainly didn’t. Come on its New England!

With last week in mind, here are my picks for Week 2.
After the terrible showing from Romo last week, I think the Cowboys are too busy pointing fingers at each other, instead of working as a team to get it done. So I’m going with my Titans to win at home.

Over Minnesota the Vikings will be taking on the Pats. Now you’d think NE should have no problems winning that game, but the Vikings really didn’t play badly last week where as the Patriots did. Whatever is going on in New England, I don’t think it will be fixed by this Sunday. So I talked myself into going with Minnesota. I think Luck feels like he has something to prove after last weeks loss and he’s enough of a leader on that team to rally everyone behind him.

On the other hand, Eli Manning looked lost and confused last week. I don’t think his head was in the game. Worse I think he was overwhelmed and it looked to me like he was down right scared. So I don’t the Giants coming back this weekend and I’m picking the Cardinals.

Here’s my picks for Week 2.

Week 2
Thursday, Sept. 11 Spring’s Pick
 1 Steelers vs.  Ravens  Ravens
Sunday, Sept. 14
 2 Dolphins vs.  Bills  Dolphins
 3 Jaguars vs.  W.Skins  Skins
 4 Cowboys vs.  Titans Titans
 5 Cardinals vs. Giants Cardinals
 6 Patriots vs.  Vikings  Vikings
 7 Saints vs.  Browns  Saints
 8 Falcons vs.  Bengals  Falcons
 9 Lions vs.  Panthers  Panthers
10 Rams vs.  Buccaneers  Buccaneers
11 Seahawks vs.  Chargers Seahawks
12 Texans vs.  Raiders  Raiders
13 Jets vs.  Packers Packers
14 Chiefs vs.  Broncos Broncos
15 Bears vs.  49ers 49ers
Monday, Sept. 15
16 Eagles vs.  Colts  Eagles

Week 1 Results

As I mentioned, I didn’t do so bad. I won 9 of 16games. That’s a 56% win ratio. Better than 50%..I figure I’m ahead of the game. There were a few surprises however. I knew the Saints and Falcons were going to give us a good game. And they sure did. At least I think they did. But with the record held by Drew Brees, I figured his comeback in the 4th Quarter record would be all New Orleans needed to pull out the win. It almost came to that. The Falcons however are not to be ignored. They’ve seriously improved over the past 2 years and I’m not surprised they were right there in over time.

I am surprised with the Bengals took out the Ravens. Maybe we can call that opening night jitters. I was raised in the suburbs of DC so of course I was raised a Skins fan. And it’s hard not to pick my team to win. But I’m not surprised they didn’t pull it off.

The biggest surprise of the weekend were the Dolphins winning over the Patriots. I know Miami isn’t the worst team in the league. It’s not about how good or bad the Dolphins are as a team. It’s about the decade of dominance from the Patriots. But I’m still ok with the picks I made in Week 1. Here’s my results.

Week 1
Thursday,Sept 5 Time Spring’sPick Result Game Results
 1 Packers vs.  Seahawks 8:30pm Seahawks W 16 – 36
Sunday, Sept. 7
 2 Saints vs.  Falcons 1:00pm  Saints  L  34 -37 OT
 3 Vikings vs.  Rams 1:00pm  Vikings W 34 – 6
 4 Browns vs.  Steelers 1:00pm  Steelers W 27 – 30
 5 Jaguars vs.  Eagles 1:00pm Eagles W 17 – 34
 6 Raiders vs. Jets 1:00pm Raiders L 14 – 19
 7 Bengals vs.  Ravens 1:00pm  Ravens L  23 – 16
 8 Bills vs.  Bears 1:00pm Bears L  23 – 20 OT
 9 W.Skins vs.  Texans 1:00pm W.Skins L  6 – 17
10 Titans vs.  Chiefs 1:00pm  Titans W  26 – 10
11 Patriots vs.  Dolphins 1:00pm  Patriots L  20 – 33
12 Panthers vs.  Buccaneers 4:25pm  Panthers W  20 – 14
13 49ers vs.  Cowboys 4:25pm 49ers W  28 – 17
14 Colts vs.  Broncos 8:30pm  Broncos W  24 – 31
Monday, Sept. 8
15 Giants vs.  Lions
Giants  L 14 – 35
16 Chargers vs.  Cardinals
 Cardinals  W 17 – 18
wins / games x 100 = %
 56% – Results: W = 9 / L = 7 of 16
56% – Season: W = 9 / L = 7 of 16

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