SirEvil says the darndest things

He cracks me up. And that’s one of the biggest things I love about him.

Let me preface this by saying SirEvil was born and raised in Charlotte NC. As such he does indeed have a very southern accent. Being from the south, he is also a self admitted Redneck. These things are important to know when considering his comments.

“I know I found the right wife. Asked her where she wanted to go for her 5th anniversary and she said “The BassPro Shop” resturant.  …Yes!… Dinner and fishin’ rods, my kinda anniversary.”

“My wife is the perfect woman. She loves Nascar, really likes Football, would rather watch hockey than a cooking show and she “gets” Quintin Tarentino.”
Me: ..not to mention I hate sappy date movies…I hate when a movie makes me cry..give me Riddick, Ronin, Star Trek, Serinity or even Dr. Who any day!

Me: “I really like Richard Quest from CNN. He’s funny, his humor reminds me of you.”
If you don’t know Richard Quest he is a British Reporter on CNN.
SirEvil: “He’s loud like rednecks… only he’s like one with a speech impediment”

One night going out to dinner I wore a reversible skirt. Solid green on one side, same green but with flowers on the other. I asked him, which side do you like best?
SirEvil: “Ok there’s just no right answer to that. I like the side you like.”

One day online someone asked me to describe response:
“When you look at him from behind, he has this gorgeous ‘V’ shaped body. Big shoulders, strong arms and the cutest butt. He turns sideways and the first word that comes to your mind is:  Budwieser.”
(I can be funny too.)

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