Old Train Station, Ashland Va.

Old Train Station, Ashland Va.
Converted Into The local Visitor’s Center

Rumble, Roar and Trains

Some of the best moments you can have with your family don’t cost a dime. A quick trip to the deli, a nice picnic by a quiet visitor’s center and anticipation..waiting for the next train to pass by.

We’re lucky to live near such a place as this. The small town of Ashland Virginia. Affectionately known as the “Center of the Universe” by residents for its central location within the state, Ashland is located in the heart of Hanover County.

Officially incorporated on February 19, 1858, the town was named “Ashland” after native son Henry Clay’s estate in Kentucky.

But for us, the draw to this little place are the rail road tracks that run through the center town. Owned and maintained by CSX these tracks are one of the main north to south routes for the east coast.

Here we’d like to share some of our favorite train pictures and stories for the other train lovers out there.
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