Orphaned Kitties

Wednesday night SirEvil said he heard something that sounded like cats crying in our backyard. Not unusual, we live in the country and there are many wild cats around our house. It was a stormy night, so we assumed they were simply unhappy about the weather. We went about our business today, but after we picked up our munchkin from school and returned home the day turned out to be anything but normal. Our younger dalmatian was going crazy barking in the back yard. After about 5 or 10 minutes SirEvil goes out to pull her behind inside, only to discover the sound of kittens from under our porch.

A few minutes later I took a walk outside to check the kitties and see which one of the feral cats is a new momma. Only to find a 12 hour old kitten laying in the middle of the mud, cold wet and no mom in sight. What was I going to do, I couldn’t leave it there. I scooped him/her up and rushed inside to wash the cold mud off, dry it and try to get it warm. The next hour we tried to find out if one of the cats came around looking for her kittens, but no one came or seemed interested. Once again we heard a noise that sounded like a bird in trouble. This time the sound was coming from the back yard and under the porch. Sure enough another baby kitty, covered in wet dirt and obviously cold. So we had another rescue on our hands.

While I was tending to the well being of our new twins, SirEvil was searching the internet for information and suggestions for what to do now. It’s too late to call the vet, so we’re hoping for intelligent information online. Sure enough we found a fantastic website to help. A farmer who has rescued several orphaned kittens. RuralRoute2.com

Right now the kittens are warm and sleeping soundly in the kitchen. We keep checking for a momma kitty who might be looking for her lost kittens. But so far, none have come around. We’re assuming the mom is one of the very young cats who hang out around our house and is too young to know what to do with the kittens. We looked around for the traditional nest, but have found nothing. We checked around the area where we found the kittens, again we found nothing. I feel bad about a momma kitty being out there and worrying about her kittens. But by the same token these 2 are way to young to be out on their own from a nest and with no nest under the porch, we really do think they have been abandoned.

Hopefully they’ll make it. We tossed around names for them at dinner. They are identical twins so far, and I suggested we name them “This” and “That”.

More to come…