Orphaned Kitties – Day 2

Well the twins made it through the night and have been doing well today. Our main concern has been keeping them warm enough. We finally solved the problem by putting their box on top of a heating pad and setting the heat to medium. So far that seems to be working well.

We also discovered which one of the feral cats was the Mom. Seems it is one of the youngest, a year old calico that we call Dale. We initially named her after Dale Ernhardt because she’s black and we thought she was a boy. We realized our error when she was about 3 months old, which is the first time she let us pick her up. As a side note, her brother is orange and of course we named him Tony after my guy Tony Stewart awho at the time drove the Home Depot (orange) car.

So back to the kitties. They seem to be active, eating, warm and ok so far. We took an opportunity at one of the feeding sessions to determine their sex. We have one girl and one boy. SirEvil came up with a new suggestion for names: Zig and Zag.