NFL Week 8 – Spring’s Picks

Ok, I’m almost afraid to make picks this week after my dismal performance last week. But here goes.

There are some games that I’m picking because I think the teams are pretty even, but I’m giving the edge to the home team. Dallas and the Seahawks, Cleveland and Chicago are examples. I think the Giants and Eagles game will be close, but I’m giving the edge to New York; I just think they’re a better team at least this week. I’m predicting New Orleans and Indianapolis will maintain their perfect records. And I think the emotion and energy of the Vikings will carry them over the Packers even though they’re playing in Green Bay.   Crossing fingers come on Farve!

And thankfully, my Skins have a bye week this Sunday. Zorn is being put on the front line as a scape goat, but hopefully Sunday’s poor performance of the team shows it’s not Zorn who’s losing the game with his play calls. It’s the team who 1) Aren’t playing as a team, 2) aren’t playing up to their individual hype and 3) are just dayum sloppy.

So with that, here’s the Week 8 Picks….crossing fingers. 

Week 8
Sun, Nov 01  Pick
SEA @ DAL  Dallas
HOU @ BUF  Buffalo
MIN @ GB  Minnesota
STL @ DET  St Louis
MIA @ NYJ  NY Jets
SF @ IND  Indianapolis
CLE @ CHI  Chicago
DEN @ BAL  Denver
JAC @ TEN  Jacksonville
OAK @ SD  San Diego
NYG @ PHI  NY Giants
CAR @ ARI  Arizona
Mon, Nov 02
ATL @ NO  New Orleans

Byes: Bengals, Chiefs, Patriots, Steelers, Buccaneers, Redskins