NFL Week 6 Results and Week 7 Picks

Spring and The Prince Review Last Week & Make Their Picks

Let’s not spend time reviewing last week. It was football in the twilight zone. What in the world happened? How did Cleveland lose to Cincinnati? The Lions really beat the Eagles IN Philly? Say what? And there’s no way Arizona should have lost to Buffalo. Was it a full moon or something? Did the planets align in reverse order? There wasn’t a Friday the 13th. Perhaps the Probability Drive on the Heart Of Gold kicked in and turned the football into a pot of petunias. It was a miserable week in the twilight zone, that’s for sure.

The final result of which is killing my average from last year. The Prince however ended the week at 50%. Not bad for making his picks on gut instinct. He seems to have totally abandoned his method of picking the animal over the non-animal. And the bigger animal over the smaller animal. He still has some commentary about that, but it no longer weighs as heavily on his decision. He still picks from loyalty however. I don’t think he’ll ever pick against his Eagles. He really likes that bird. 

As sad as it was, here’s our Week 6 results. You really should skip this and go to the Week 7 picks below.

Week 6
THU, OCT 11 Spring’s Picks Results Prince’s Picks Results Game Results
Pittsburgh at Tennessee Pittsburgh L Pittsburgh L 23 – 26
SUN, OCT 14  
Oakland at Atlanta Atlanta W Raiders W 20 – 23
Cincinnati at Cleveland Cincinnati L Cincinnati L 24 – 34
St. Louis at Miami St. Louis L Miami W 14 – 17
Indianapolis at NY Jets Indianapolis L NY Jets W 9 – 35
Detroit at Philadelphia Philadelphia L Philadelphia L 26 – 23 OT
Dallas at Baltimore Baltimore W Dallas L 29 – 31
Kansas City at Tampa Bay Kansas City L Tampa Bay W 10 – 38
New England at Seattle Seattle W New England L 23 – 24
Buffalo at Arizona Arizona L Buffalo W 19 – 16 OT
NY Giants at San Francisco San Francisco L NY Giants W 26 – 3
Minnesota at Washington Minnesota L Minnesota L 26 – 38
Green Bay at Houston Green Bay W Green Bay W 42 – 24
MON, OCT 15  
Denver at San Diego Denver W San Diego L 35 – 24

Results: W = 5 / L = 9 of 14
Season: W = 32 / L = 27 of 59
{Didn’t make picks in Wks 1 &2 – Total: 32 Games)

Results: W = 7 / L = 7 of 14
Season: W = 30 / L = 29 of 59
{Didn’t make picks in Wks 1 &2 – Total: 32 Games)

Hopefully we’ll both do better this week. Sadly I’m picking against my Redskins this week. But I simply don’t think they can take on the Giants at home. I’m giving San Fran the edge over Seattle only because they’re playing at home. I couldn’t bring myself to pick Dallas this week. They seem to be self destructing. As a Redskin fan that’s fine with me. I’d really like to go with Baltimore, I think they actually have something this year. But I don’t think it’s enough to take on Houston at home.  A lot of people are saying the Patriots hit their peak and they’re fading fast this season. I don’t think you can count them out, especially at home.

Week 7
THU, OCT 18 Spring’s Picks Prince’s Picks
Seattle at San Francisco San Francisco Seattle
SUN, OCT 21  
Tennessee at Buffalo Buffalo Tennessee
Cleveland at Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis
Washington at NY Giants NY Giants NY Giants
New Orleans at Tampa Bay New Orleans Tampa Bay
Dallas at Carolina Carolina Carolina
Baltimore at Houston Houston Houston
Green Bay at St. Louis St. Louis St. Louis
Arizona at Minnesota Arizona Arizona
NY Jets at New England New England NY Jets
Jacksonville at Oakland Oakland Jacksonville
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati
MON, OCT 22  
Detroit at Chicago Chicago Chicago

Crossing fingers for a good week.

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