NFL Week 4

Here’s the picks:

Away Home     Winner
Detroit Chicago 21 27 Chicago
Baltimore New England 17 24 New England
Tampa Bay Washington 18 20 Washington
NY Giants Kansas City 25 18 NY Giants
Oakland Houston 18 23 Houston
Seattle Indianapolis 18 26 Indianapolis
Tennessee Jacksonville 18 20 Jacksonville
Cincinnati Cleveland 20 22 Cleveland
Buffalo Miami 21 19 Buffalo
NY Jets New Orleans 22 24 New Orleans
Dallas Denver 23 22 Dallas
St. Louis San Francisco 18 22 San Francisco
San Diego Pittsburgh 18 23 Pittsburgh
Green Bay Minnesota 23 22 Green Bay

Again there aren’t any good bets this week.  Last week I got 9 games, but did better than break even on bad bets.  Here are the bets (all bad…) this week:

Away Home Bets  
Detroit Chicago Detroit Over
Baltimore New England New England Under
Tampa Bay Washington Tampa Bay Over
NY Giants Kansas City Kansas City Over
Oakland Houston Oakland Under
Seattle Indianapolis Seattle Under
Tennessee Jacksonville Jacksonville Under
Cincinnati Cleveland Cleveland Over
Buffalo Miami Miami Over
NY Jets New Orleans NY Jets Over
Dallas Denver Denver Over
St. Louis San Francisco St. Louis Over
San Diego Pittsburgh San Diego Under
Green Bay Minnesota Green Bay Under

Mostly underdogs here cause it looks like Vegas is expecting some serious ass whoopin’s this week.

I think I’ve accidentally found a good indicator of the economy.  Good bets depend on idiots, with too much money and too much time, running down to Vegas and betting on Detroit (or maybe Washington…) to win by 10.  Last year I think there were 3 weeks that didn’t have any good bets, the 5 or 6 years before that probably had only one week.  This year, so far, there are no good bets at all. No one is coming to Vegas and moving the spreads.